Saturday, 25 June 2022


I have felt very foggy and thick headed but my brain is gradually clearing as the antibiotics start to work. 

I have known for a while that a life of isolation doesn't suit me, I just about coped when I had a car  but now I'm carless it's getting more difficult.

I need to make changes whilst I still can and whilst I still have some eyesight and hearing left.

I hadn't realised how badly Steve has been affected until this trip, he's barely coping so I need to make changes.

I shall make plans and see how Steve feels about making changes.

My blood pressure is through the roof as Steve is taking it multiple times a day. He was the same just after he had his stroke he kept taking his own blood pressure and panicking about the readings. My problem is my fat arms, my bingo wings are covered in small bruises where Steve has been taking readings multiple times a day!

I shall start making plans. Today's plan is to fill up with fuel and water and head back to the marina.

Bloody cheek.

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