Sunday 5 June 2022


 Jacss asked why my vision has changed.

I have Macular traction. 

This is not the same as Macular degeneration.

It distorts my vision and gets worse with time.

It started in my left eye.

I had surgery on it, it failed!.

I now have traction in my right eye.

I have permanent double vision.

On the day of the surgery I arrived at the hospital at 8:30, 

was seen at 5.30, the last appointment of the day.

I expect the surgeon was tired.

I went back the following day as I couldn't see at all.

After a week my sight started to return, I returned to work.

The surgery caused a cataract.

I have refused to have surgery on the second eye as I wish to save what vision I have.


Lyssa Medana said...

That sounds awful! I don't blame you at all. It sounds like it was a real mess.

Ellen D. said...

I googled it and it sounds quite complicated. Hope there is something the doctors can do to bring you relief and improve your vision. Maybe a second opinion?

lincolnshireexileinEssex said...

Hi Hester- I’m a specialist teacher for vision impairment . This is not an eye condition I’m used to as it is age related. I do hope the distortion settles down again for you. I can’t suggest anything you won’t already have thought of - but I would like to suggest the RNIB website to you as a source of guidance as to what help there might be, possibly in the future rather than now. Kay

Jaccs said...

Thank you for replying to my question,I’m sorry about your condition of your eyes, do you wear special glasses to help with the double vision?im sure I read somewhere of a lady with double vision had to wear special glasses to counteract the focus, I wish you well and take any help you can get from Where you can, especially the RIB x

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