Sunday 27 October 2019

Ready meals

Sometimes I feel like being lazy and buying ready meals.

Steve wouldn't care, he was brought up to believe that homemade food wasn't as good as shop bought.

But then I buy a ready meal and it tastes like shite, so I don't bother again for a while.

Thursday 24 October 2019

Funeral arrangements

Yes Jan, he told me I wasn't to attend! It was just out of spite, to hurt me.

Ex MILs funeral is on Monday, I'm looking after seven of my nine grandchildren, the other two are old enough to look after themselves.

I'm collecting three of them from DD2 and taking them to DD1's. 

There are to be no flowers so DD2 doesn't have to worry, though I had offered to cover her share. Her ex is struggling financially so she's been lending him money that he isn't paying back which is leaving her short.

Wednesday 23 October 2019

A death in the family

Thank you for all your comments and suggestions and Wendy for your offer of help.

My ex mother in law died last week, she was 91.
I'm going to see DD1 tomorrow as she had taken it hard, harder than she expected.

My ex MIL was a cow as a mother in law but she was a lovely grandma to my kids.

When I had my first child my MIL told my husband that the child couldn't be his. She based this on the fact that I had placenta previa, this was caused by my  promiscuity and that the child had blue eyes. My FIL had blue eyes.

DD2 was fretting about the cost of the flowers, she is expected to contribute but will struggle to find the money. I've offered to pay her share.

My ex husband is shitting bricks, my dad died just after we separated, he tried to have me banned from the funeral. He sat in the front row, I slipped in at the back.

He's worried that I'm going to kick off at his mother's funeral. He keeps reminding our children that the funeral details are to be kept secret. They think he's losing his marbles as they don't realise what's worrying him, it was almost 20 years ago.

Both my daughter's have commented about his behaviour.

Let the bugger sweat, I'm not going to do anything, I'm not normally one for bearing a grudge but in this case I'll make an exception.

Thursday 17 October 2019

A year ago today

A year ago today Steve had his stroke, it's been a challenging year.

His recovery has been in fits and starts, family problems, his family not mine, have caused extra stress. 

Steve initially was very keen to return to work but this hasn't been possible.

Fortunately he was eligible for six months full pay and six months half pay. 

This finishes today but as we have sold our old boat we have some savings behind us.

He  was asked to hand his notice in but refused as it would mean he'd be expected to look for alternative employment.

Therefore he is to be dismissed on the grounds of medical incapacity. 

This means he does not have to seek other employment and he should get his NI stamp paid until he reaches pension age. 

He will not be entitled to any benefits as we have savings.

Unfortunately the dismissal procedure isn't going well.

The school need two governors to attend the meeting but currently they are having trouble persuading any governors to do so.

The first meeting was cancelled, we are still waiting for another date to be suggested.

Wednesday 16 October 2019

That was a mistake

We usually shop at Aldi but as we only wanted milk and eggs we went to Sainsburys as it's nearer.

Big mistake, it's Sainsburys half price toy sale, it was absolutely heaving.

I'm not a fan of plastic tat for children at the best of times and seeing so many people, some with more than one trolley, all overflowing with mountains of plastic, it was horrifying.

Tuesday 15 October 2019

A visit from a stash thief

The bread and butter pudding was very well received so it was worth it.

Dgd visited today, she is ok but wasn't allowed to return to school so spent the day on the boat with me.

We dropped Steve and the bread and butter pudding  at stroke club and then returned home. I knew dgd needed a decent pair of fabric scissors so I got all my sewing boxes out and we had a rummage.

I found some scissors, ball point needles for dgd's sewing machine and a few other bits and pieces.
Then we started on my fabric stash, it is now decidedly denuded but it was worth it to see dgd's excitement and pleasure.

Monday 14 October 2019

Totally knackered

Finally arrived home just after 6pm and promptly started making bread and butter pudding for 30 people.

The first one is in the oven the second one will go in in 10 minutes.

They are huge and will take ages to cook.

I was awake from 2am until 5:30 so I'm beginning to flag.

I daren't fall asleep in case the puddings burn.

The dreaded lurgy

DD2's children have got the lurgy, one after the other.

They cannot return to school until 48 after the last bout of vomiting.

Because they have passed it from one to the other it's meant a lot of sick days and DD2 only started  a new job at the beginning of September.

DD2 has to inform work by 7:30 if she cannot attend so she texting me at about 6am to see if I cover for her. So far I've been able to cover all but one day when Steve has a hospital appointment.

It's not like I have a busy life so I'm happy to help.

Saturday 12 October 2019

List of complaints

Steve got up at 9 this morning and this is the list of complaints he'd made by 10 o'clock.

It's raining.
The boats listing.
I don't mix the dogs food enough.
Why had I loaned DD2 my car on a day he's going out, (because she asked a month ago and he arranged his lunch meeting yesterday).
I'm wearing the wrong shoes.
I didn't fill the porridge pan with water after I'd used it. (Yesterday he complained because I had filled it with water.)
The stew I was cooking was being boiled to death. (It was just coming to the boil)
He likes stew but why do I have to add so much crap to it. (Crap like onions, herbs, carrots and seasoning)
His lunch out has been cancelled as someone is unwell.
The kindling I've collected over the summer is useless, it burns like wood and not kindling.
How's he supposed to walk the dog in the rain. He doesn't walk him, I do and anyway Beano hates the rain.

Wednesday 9 October 2019

Caught cheating

As soon as I got home he knew I'd been unfaithful.

After his initial greeting he became suspicious.

I tried to give him a cuddle but he was having none of it.

He checked my pockets and found nothing incriminating but he was unconvinced.

He checked my handbag with the same results.

He's sat at the far end of the room sulking.

I'm sorry but I'm very fond of dogs so when I'm in someone else house and their dog wants to sit on my knee I let it.

Beano thinks I've been unfaithful, I just couldn't help it.

Tuesday 8 October 2019

We've sprung a leak

A couple of days ago Steve  called through to me that Beano had widdled on the bed.

I went in to check, Beano certainly seemed very apologetic, ears back and very subdued.

He got lots of cuddles and reassurance and I dragged the covers off the bed to try and dry them.

On closer inspection the bedding was wet but not stained and there was no smell.

I went back to the bedroom and checked the mushroom vent above the bed.
Sure enough it was leaking, we'd had very heavy rain the night before and that's where the water had come from.

Saturday 5 October 2019

Jumble sale

We walked to the jumble sale with Beano, Steve and Beano waited outside whilst I shopped.

I bought a princess castle tent, a red blouse, a pillow case with elephants on for bunting and a beaded bag, hippy style, not an elegant evening affair.

£24 later

And I have new number plates, I went to a car spares place in Tadley it only took about 10 minutes.

From there to Sainsburys to buy broccoli and cauliflower and a bottle of gin.

Jumble sale this afternoon I'm no looking for anything in particular I'll just have a mooch.

Friday 4 October 2019

Thieving scroat

Steve went to the car this morning to find that the front and rear number plates had been stolen!
Fecking thieving little scroats.

So what was already a busy day today turned to chaos. I had to phone the police to report the theft, this took 40 minutes, then I had to notify my insurance, 30 minutes then I had to organise new number plates. The police were very kind but there is little they can do, they rang me back to ask if I was ok, I explained that I was pissed off but not traumatised. 

I've been told that I can expect to be stopped by the police as the plates have been stolen and advised to keep the URN in the car for when I am stopped.

Steve, of course is ranting and raving, saying I shouldn't have left the car in a car park, I should have parked it on the road. This is the road where I left the car last year overnight and came back to found it had been keyed!

Also today I had three 5 year olds for a few hours.
I was looking after my 5 year old twin grandchildren as DD1 had booked a weekend yoga retreat. I was supposed to be collecting them from school and looking after them until daddy got home around 5:30.
Daddy had his shift changed at short notice and the school added an extra inset day at short notice. 
So I had the children from midday, fortunately their 15 year old sister was also off school so she came too.

DD2's youngest who is also 5 has been off school all week with an upset tummy so I looked after her as well, she is on the mend but cannot return to school until 48 hours after the last bout of upset. 

It was incredibly noisy, all of them playing together but they did colouring and sticking and played with Beano.

Thursday 3 October 2019

Too early to talk about Christmas

But if things need to be made in time then I need to start in plenty of time.
 These are the face wipes I'm making, they will be Christmas gifts along with socks, scarves and home made soap. The bottom one that looks like a dirty beige is actually a very pretty light green .
The pic is poor quality, but Beano was asleep on my knee when I took it.

I've now got enough sloes now to make a batch of sloe gin, also for Christmas gifts so I will start that off tomorrow.

These donkeys are in a field beside the towpath where I walk Beano, aren't they cute.

Wednesday 2 October 2019

Layering up

We haven't put our winter duvet on yet, I put it off as long as possible as I find it too hot.

So for now we have added layers.

We have a sheet under the summer duvet. I can't bear to sleep with no covers over me so by having a sheet and a summer weight duvet on I can throw the duvet off if I get too hot.

On top of the sheet and summer duvet there is a crochet blanket that I made, it makes a lot of difference even though it is  very holey.

This normally suit us but now we have Beano, more layers have been added.

Because Beano sleeps between us I find I end up without a share of the duvet or the blanket so I've now added a lightweight patchwork throw I made about twenty years ago, this is on my side of the bed so when Steve and Beano hog all the covers I still have something to keep me warm. 

But it doesn't stop there, when it is really cold Beano tries to get under the covers with us. I draw the line at this, on the bed, ok, in the bed, definitely no. So we have yet another crochet blanket, a small one that I made for Beano and we use it to cover Beano when he starts to burrow under the covers.

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