Saturday, 25 September 2021

Moved again

We had no wifi at our last mooring spot so I couldn't post. It was a lovely spot and we were near people we know so Beano had a catch-up play with a doggy friend.

We moved again today four locks and a swing bridge, Two of the locks were really hard work as they are damaged. I shan't be able to crochet for a couple of days as my wrist are too painful.

Here are some pics of where we were moored.

Wednesday, 22 September 2021


Heather, we don't know if we will be allowed deliveries when we are in the marina, we will ask when we get there.

Lynda, My DD1 will only do long term fostering as she cannot face handing them back. She still has a 23 year old living with her, she started fostering him when he was 13.

I don't want to move back to dry land but I would love a residential mooring. Unfortunately they are a rare as hen's teeth round here.

Some pics of the horse drawn boat that operates along this stretch of the canal.

Monday, 20 September 2021

Stocking up

The wardrobes are gradually filling up with food, we will move on Tuesday I think as we should be stocked up then. It will take us two weeks to reach the next supermarket.

I only have a small fridge and freezer so it takes a bit of working out. I manage to make our milk last two weeks by buying a combination of fresh, Cravendale and long life. Steve doesn't like long life but if I mix it 50/50 with fresh he can't tell the difference and so will drink it. 

Bread is more difficult, Steve likes toast for breakfast or lunch a few times a week, he only likes a certain type of bread and each load has only 18 slices. I've not found a sliced bread that keeps for two weeks and I don't have room to freeze any. I use part baked baguettes but Steve doesn't like them toasted.  I keep popping n a selection of wraps and bagels for me as that leaves more bread for Steve. I am also capable of making bread but Steve won't eat it.

Once we are back in the marina I can walk to buy bread, it's only a couple of miles there and back.

Sunday, 19 September 2021

Family news.

As I said DD1 and family visited today, we took them on a boat trip. We went through a lock along to a winding hole (turning point) we filled them up with snacks and sweets. They each chose a Worry Worm and Friendship bracelets, in total they were here for a couple of  hours and it was wonderful. They brought with them all my Amazon parcels so I now have two new pairs of shoes and three new vest/bra tops along with a new butter dish, some craft charms and some trousers for Steve.

Two bits of wonderful news about the newest foster child who has been part of the family for a while now.  Firstly, he's started to be naughty, nothing serious, but it means he's finally feeling secure and safe. He was far too well behaved to start with, it's nice to see him relaxed. Secondly he's had a sleepover at a friends house the first one he's ever had.


Col, yes it would be good if people were moved on but they aren't.  It would also be good if empty boats were moved but I'm not sure where boats could be moved to. There would need to be empty marinas where the boats could be stored.

DD1 and family visited today, it was wonderful to see them all after such a long time.

Friday, 17 September 2021

Civilisation at last

We are finally moored somewhere with a good Wi-Fi signal.

So what's been happening since I last posted.

We are no longer travelling with friends, they are staying near Devizes at for work and to stay near family.

I shall miss them dreadfully. As I am no longer driving I will be very isolated this winter. 

Steve is very stressed when we travel, he refuses to accept that he's finding it difficult and so blames me for not following instructions. He cannot accept that most of his instructions are incomprehensible. I am frequently tempted to slap him upside the head!

This has been the view from the windows on one side.


                This is the view on the other side.

                                We've had days like this and days like this.

                             I've made more wind spinners.

Friday, 10 September 2021

Cold and wet again.

After a very brief heatwave we are back to cold, wet weather.

Beano had a very long walk this morning, two and a half hours up into the hills above the village where there are beautiful views across the valley, he is now sleeping soundly.

We are using our extra long and wide gang plank, it can be difficult to moor on the K&A there are limited place with visitor moorings or armco. There is room for four boats on the nearby 48 hour moorings, three boats have been there for two weeks. The edges of the canal are very shallow so boats end up moored a long way from the bank, a long gang plank is a great help.

I'm making more twirlies now as a change from scrunchies, I'm gradually drowning under piles of crochet.

Thursday, 9 September 2021


We get regular email information from Canal and River Trust about any problems affecting navigation on the canal

These include broken locks, fallen trees, blocked Elsan points and dead bodies. 

We usually get two or three notifications of dead bodies each year. This year there have been five or more.

Most of these deaths occur at locks as they are very dangerous. Most are boaters, most are either inebriated or drugged up when they fall in.

Wednesday, 8 September 2021


Very late but I'm catching up with some comments.

Weaver, I've remembered to double bag the frozen peas, so no more damp sheets.

I'm not in as much pain currently, it comes and goes.

The scrunchies and wind spinner are crocheted, I tend to swap between knitting and crochet. I desperately need to take some better photos.

With reference to the burp complaint, allegedly he has MS I did query the relevance. I used to work with someone who had MS and he didn't become a bully!

We have had a few delays over the past few weeks. We haven't had to queue at the locks, the canal is quite quiet. We have been held up by falling trees, broken locks, sunken boats and corpses in the water.

Finally, some pics!

 Hair scrunchies.

A twirly or wind spinner.

Beano asleep.
Another heron.

Monday, 6 September 2021

Evening everyone

 It's days since I posted..

The Wi-Fi has been sadly lacking, we've had days of low temps and thick grey cloud but now we have sun and it's very warm.

I've been trying to upload photos but I can't, it's very frustrating. I've made so much stuff, hair ties, twirlies amongst other stuff and I can't post pics.

Monday, 30 August 2021

Bank holiday Monday

Two locks and a tunnel was enough today. We run the washing machine when we travel as the engine is running so there is no drain on the batteries. Because the  engine is running that means there is hot waters so soon as we're moored I do the washing up from breakfast and then hang the clean washing on the airer.

Beano and I walked the two miles to the second lock then cruised from there through the tunnel.

We're moored against part of the bank that is the same height as the back deck so I feel much safer. The gangplank is flat and not at a steep angle.

It's perishing cold so no crochet for me today as my hands are really stiff and sore. Beano has snuggled under a blanket next to Steve and is snoozing away. 

Pie and mash for tea and I'll make a banana loaf to go in the oven at the same time. By the time it's cooked the boat should be warm.

Tomorrow unless it's raining we will do 6 locks, it's a flight so there is no stopping between them. They are fairly close together so Beano and I will walk from one to the other.

Sunday, 29 August 2021

Limping onwards

Steve hugged me yesterday, I'm not sure why. He will hug other people but not me. If I hug him he freezes and gets a Rabbit in the Headlights look. I've given up hugging him as it so obviously makes him uncomfortable.

He walked over a mile yesterday with me and Beano, I wish he'd walk more often. I also wish he'd get a hobby of some sort but he refuses.

I've recovered from my run in with the boater but I'm seriously considering reporting him to the CRT. I'm concerned that he waited until I was alone to complain. I feel it was unacceptable. I'm still wondering why I got so upset, misogynistic old gits are a regular part of canal life and my response is usually robust and offensive.

I broke off here to make a cup of tea, looking out of the kitchen window I saw a kingfisher perched on our springline. I didn't get a photo sadly. I've only seen three or four in all the time I've been on the cut.

We are planning a lazy day today but tomorrow, weather permitting we will move again. Just two locks and a tunnel, then a couple of days rest until we tackle a flight of six locks.

It's the Southern Wool show next weekend, I bought tickets but won't be close enough to attend. I was planning on going with DD1. She will go and take her daughter with her. It's the marina summer BBQ the same weekend but we won't be able to go to that either for the same reason .

Thursday, 26 August 2021

Moving tomorrow

We are heading back towards Aldermaston albeit very slowly. 

We finally have some dry and sunny days. 

Unfortunately the wasps are out in force, poor Beano is scared of wasps.

I had and upsetting experience yesterday, Steve went with a friend to empty the rubbish. There are no disposal facilities nearby so they drove to the nearest boaters facilities and were gone about an hour.

No sooner had they driven away than the owner of the boat moored behind us came along and started complaining.

It seems he'd heard Steve burp when he'd visited his boat!

He doesn't live aboard he just visits occasionally.

He was extremely abusive and aggressive and ranted on for ages and I was very upset.

Whilst I'll admit it's probably not exactly musical I can think of a lot worse things to hear and it's only occasionally.

I'm not usually upset by idiots but I ended up in tears because of his threats.

What annoyed me most was that he'd waited until Steve had gone and I was alone on the boat before coming to shout at me, he is obviously a complete coward.

Monday, 23 August 2021


Beano enjoying the sun.

Another heron.

Coming out of the Bruce tunnel.

Steve when it's drizzling!


Friday, 20 August 2021

Wet patch

There is a rather large wet patch in the bed.

How embarrassing, I've pea'd the bed.

I couldn't help it.

My hands are so painful they are hot and sore.

I decided to take a bag of frozen peas to bed.

They defrosted during night.

I haven't actually peed the bed.

Wednesday, 18 August 2021

Beano update

 Beano is fine, he was doing a wall of death impression earlier, running along the sofa, on to the floor, around the coffee table and back up on the sofa.

Tuesday, 17 August 2021

Poor Beano

Coming back from our walk today Beano managed to fall down the steps. 

He landed with a hell of a crash. 

We picked him up and put him on the sofa, he seemed a bit shaken and was favouring his left front leg. 

I gave him a dog treat and it seemed to work as a cure all.

I'll keep an eye on him but he's currently doing his favourite thing snoozing!

Sunday, 15 August 2021

Decisions decisions

Steve struck up a conversation with some people on the tow path yesterday. They had a brand new boat the same size as ours. They obviously have plenty of money as they have a house, the boat on the K&A and are buying a second boat to keep somewhere else. 

The husband was a bit of a prat, very pompous and full of himself, he told us how he'd had such a rapport with the company salesman that his boat was special. I've met the salesman concerned, I walked away from him as my bullshit detector was blaring.

The side hatches on his boat had dropped off  and despite repeated promises the company hadn't sent anyone out to do the repair. Or to be more precise, the company has sent someone out with two pieces of plywood to block the holes!

This particularly boat maker has a very poor reputation, We looked at a few before we bought ours and the build quality was terrible.  

I noticed the wife stepping away as we approached, she was obviously afraid of dogs.

I walked away as she was so scared but later that day she came along to ask where they could moor where dogs are not allowed. I don't know of anywhere and hundreds of people walk their dogs along the towpath. They have only had the boat two months and she had assumed that life on the cut would be dog free!

Saturday, 14 August 2021


We see a lot of herons on the cut but it's not easy to get a photo of them as they usually fly away.

This morning I watched the local swans picking blackberries on the opposite bank.

Weaver when I lived in Bristol I had a workmate who had a big pond that was full of beautiful huge koi carp. She got up one morning to find a hero from the nearby wildlife park on the side. It has eaten most of the carp!

Susie, the gangplank is metal and has a  checker plate non-slip surface but sometimes the bank is so high that the plank is at a really steep angle.

Thursday, 12 August 2021

Three falls and a submission.

We've had some awful weather lately, a month's worth of rain in ten days.

The towpath is muddy and the grass is slippery and the gangplank is often at a very steep angle. I fell over twice last week and Steve fell once. I've got some cracking bruises on my knees, painful ribs where I landed on a mooring pin and I couldn't crochet for a few days as my wrist was sore, Steve's elbow is stiff and sore. Hopefully we are due a few drier days soon which will make things easier and safer.

I keep adding things to my shopping list as I think of them. Not having a car means that I need to be well stocked up with food. I will shop at Devizes, as my friend will take me to a supermarket just outside. After that we won't be travelling together for a while. The next supermarket in walking distance of the canal is Hungerford and then Newbury, there is a small shop at Great Bedwyn and one at Kintbury where I can buy milk and bread.

Steve has made lots of plans about how far we will travel each day but the reality is that he can't travel every day he doesn't have the energy. He also won't travel when it's raining or windy or too hot.

Running low.

Beano likes to snooze on his bed when we travel.

We are down to our last four meals and two of those are Fray Bentos pies. I'm not keen on them but as they are tinned they keep well. I also have some liver and one chicken breast in the freezer. In the fridge there is about a pint of milk, a couple of rashers of bacon and 6 eggs. This will last us until we can get to the shops in a couple of days.

Wilcot to Horton


We had almost non-stop rain whilst we were in Wilcot, we waited for drier weather before we moved on to Horton where we met up with our friends again.

The heron was on the bankjust before we got to Honey Street.

Wednesday, 11 August 2021

Wootton Rivers to Wilcot.


This trip is rapidly turning into a pub crawl as we went to the Golden Swan for lunch here. We had a nice mooring beside a lane. The cottage above was at the end of the lane. We moored in front of Micky the Bodger who travels with his lurcher pup.

CarolJoy it's pronounced DeeVIzes, with the stress on the middle syllable.

Tuesday, 10 August 2021

Crofton to Wootton Rivers

Six locks  each one done twice but over quite a short distance.

Moored at Wootton Rivers  a nearby pub, the Royal Oak had a pie and chips  night so we went along.

They did:-

Steak and Ale.

Chicken and Mushroom.

Corner beef hash.


Chicken satay.

The pub is dog friendly and was very busy.

I had chicken satay, Steve has chicken and mushroom.

Monday, 2 August 2021

Socks mad

Great excitement this morning, I decided to sort out my knickers drawer and I found a pair of unworn socks

Almost all my socks either have holes in or are so thin as to be see through. I shan't throw them away as I have this book and I'm hoping to make some sock toys out of them. 

But first I need to buy some new socks, I find many are too tight around the cuff so I'll wait until I can buy the ones I like before I cut up the old ones.

Saturday, 31 July 2021

Great Bedwyn to Crofton.

Heather we are heading to Devizes, very slowly, the trip can be done in 3 or 4 days, we are taking weeks.

Flis, not everyone who lives in a boat lives clutter free, some boats make my teeth itch as they are full of bric -a-brac, trinkets and whimsy. A sudden move would cause a tsunami of broken memories.

Some boats are owned by hoarders and the only way they can get into their boat when they moor is by emptying piles of rubbish into the towpath. Some leave their rubbish behind and some return all the rubbish to their boat before setting off again.

Our boat is quite bare apart from my yarn and Steve's piles, he keeps all sorts of crap in small piles beside the places he sits, he has cleaning cloths for his glasses, three or four masks, the disposable ones, mainly with broken elastic, rags in case he spills something, antihistamine cream, sun cream, pots to keep his hearing aids in, a torch, a fan, a charger for his kindle and three phones. His current phone and two old defunct ones, they move from pile to pile as he changes seats.

Janf, our friends are on their own boat, this is why every lock has to be done twice, once for each boat. You wouldn't be impressed with my cooking today I'm doing ham, egg and chips a very lazy meal. 

There is a shop in Great Bedwyn, unfortunately they didn't have the bread Steve likes so he's stuck with baguettes and wraps. He only likes soft white bread, nothing with any bite or flavour, it will be a few days before we reach another shop. 

Friday, 30 July 2021

Wind and rain

 I had a list of jobs to do today as today is a rest day when we stay put and don't cruise.

Yesterday I cleaned all the windows bar one, I need to clear the kitchen surface before I can do the last window. I shall clean that last window after I've posted this.

I sweep and mop most days as the boat gets dirty as we walk through with muddy boots. When we moor up I need to pass the front and back roles to whoever is on the bank. I don't take my boots off as I will be going out to hold the ropes once I've passed them out.

Today I cleaned the bathroom, I hate this job as the bathroom is very dark with dark wood and a tiny port hole. There are two large mirrors that always need cleaning, I swear Steve must wave his toothbrush around when he cleans his teeth.

I had intended to clean the back seating area on the boat but we've had strong wind and heavy rain so I gave that a miss. 

Instead I decided to sort out my clothes, I don't have many clothes, they fit on two small shelves in my wardrobe. I made a pile of the items that are really fit for rags, the teeshirts I put under the sink to use as cleaning cloths. The rest I'll put in the rubbish bin tomorrow. I hope to find some good charity shops soon as I'm now down to two teeshirts, two cotton tops, one pair of leggings and two summer dresses.

Thursday, 29 July 2021

Froxfield to Great Bedwyn

Love the Canal no 5 Jaccs.

Rambler, we are travelling with friends, I wouldn't consider  this trip otherwise. Steve is managing but only just. If we weren't with friends we would do 1 lock and then moor up for a few days so Steve could rest.

Our mooring at Froxfield was very noisy as we were so close to the railway line so we moved on to Great Bedwyn. The trains were across a field so not running right beside the canal so it was a little quieter. Great Bedwyn  has a shop and Post Office which sells fresh bread that is delivered every morning by a nearby bakery. It also has rubbish disposal, a water point, pump out and elsan. 

Wednesday, 28 July 2021

Hungerford to Froxfield

 We travelled from Hungerford to Froxfield, unfortunately at one of the locks Beano discovered the corpse of something grey and furry. It was too decomposed to determine what it had been. Beano decided to roll it it!

He stank to high heaven, I washed him with a sponge but he still stank so instead of travelling on the boat with Steve, Beano and I walked from lock to lock.

When we finally moored up Beano had yet another shower!

We only stayed a couple of night at Froxfield as we were so close to the railway line so it was extremely noisy.

We have now moved on again.

Saturday, 24 July 2021

Beano's had a bad day.

Unknown, yes correct.

Weaver, we were in Hungerford, it's very pretty but we're moving on now. We've filled the freezer with meat from the local butcher, the cupboards are full, the water tank is full and the poo tank is empty.

Janf, we have to keep moving, we have to abide by the 'constant cruiser' rules. Tow path moorings are two weeks, this mooring on Hungerford Wharf a is two days, some places are one day, some are seven day.

Ellen as our boat is 10ft wide there are parts of the canal where the locks are too narrow for us to travel through.

Beano has had a couple of bad days. In Thursday he had a shower, as soon as I turned the water on he ran and tried to hide. When I tried to pick him up he scrambles away crying. Eventually he ran to the back of the boat and jumped on Steve's lap. There was no escape, I lifted him down and carried him to the shower. I have no idea why he hates being washed so much but he does hate getting wet. 

By Friday he'd just about forgiven me for getting him wet when my son in law arrived to take Beano to the vets with me. Poor Beano had to have his jabs, he also had his claws clipped and his skin checked over. The vet believes Beano has an allergy as he doesn't have fleas or mites. He now has some tablets to take, apoquel a four week trial. I left the vets £116 lighter! Beano has forgiven me again.again

Here he is asleep beside me despite the thunder, lightening and heavy rain.

Still sunny

Thank you for the info about the app, I think Steve has it on his phone but hasn't used it. I've tried to download it but I can't get it to work. 

This was the view from my side hatch yesterday, we will move on soon as we are on a 2 day mooring although we can stay for 7 days if we need to.

Wednesday, 21 July 2021

Give me strength!

 I've always had problems with the pharmacy I collect Steve's prescriptions from.

Most visits take about 20 minutes because they can never find the prescription I'm trying to collect.

They couldn't organise a piss up in a brewery.

Every time they tell me there is no trace of the prescription until I show them the email confirming it. 

It's always my fault that they can't find it, I've always been too early or too late. There must be a three minute window when the prescription would be ready to collect, I miss this window and after that the prescription disappears into some sort of black hole.

Today, they excelled themselves, not only did they claim there was no trace of the prescription but when they did eventually track it down they weren't happy with the address on the prescription and wanted chapter and verse about why the address had been changed! Why now? It was changed months ago, are people not allowed to move now without permission from their pharmacy?

Then just to be  really helpful when I asked for my prescription which is issued three monthly on something called Fast Track, I was informed that they don't do that any more! Common courtesy would suggest that informing me of this before I had run out of tablets would have been a good idea!

So do I have to contact my surgery for more tablets? Their only answer was a shrug. Can I get through to my surgery? Of course not!

Sunday, 18 July 2021

Hot, hot, hot

I think most of us are. I'm not complaining though as we have had weeks of grey overcast weather.

I've had Wi-Fi problems, computer problems and a few other things too, the problems won't be resolved but hopefully I can come to terms with them.

Kate, yes I know about the problems getting car parts, if you they just said that I would understand. I'm annoyed at the constant changes and lies.

Beano has had a few short walks along the tow path as it's shady. 

Despite the heat Steve still wanted a full cooked breakfast and a roast dinner, beef today, I bought it from the butchers near where we are  moored. I shall buy another piece to put in the freezer.

Our old friend Micky the Bodger turned up this morning and is moored behind us. We've also been keeping an eye on another boater who is having difficulty walking in a straight line. Nice chap but permanently pissed.

Wednesday, 14 July 2021

Calling bullshit

 My car is still not ready, firstly they were waiting for parts.

Then I was told the parts have arrived and the car would be ready on 8th July, then the 15th July. Today I was told that they were waiting for parts. I explained that was wrong as they have used that excuse already. Then they changed it to the car is being re-sprayed.  

No it isnt, the vandalism didn't cause damage to the paintwork. I called bullshit, and told them to get on with the work.

Now the garage are blaming covid and saying the car cannot be collected and must be delivered, more bullshit!

I shall get my son to drive over to the garage and check it out. He's a trained mechanic and will find out what's going on

Jaccs has asked why I'm giving up driving.

I had macular traction in my left eye, I had surgery to correct it but the surgery failed, my retina was split instead. Because I had the surgery I'm now developing a cataract in that eye.

I have now developed macular traction in my right eye, because I had a severe reaction to the previous surgery and because it failed I am not eligible for further surgery.

I can still see well enough to drive for now but had decided to give up when I reached 70 later this year.

I have now decided to give up a few months earlier.


Tuesday, 13 July 2021

Decision made

 My car should be ready for collection on Thursday, I shall phone tomorrow to confirm. If it's ready a friend will collect it from the garage and it will be taken to the marina where we overwinter. If it's not ready by Saturday my friend will be on holiday for 6 weeks and will not be able to collect it. In which case I will ask DD2 to collect it. It will need to be sold but it may have to wait until we return to the marina. We are booked in for the 1st November and I'm giving up driving on the 21st.

Sunday, 11 July 2021

All you can eat buffet

 The local mosquito population seem to have descended on my arm last night. 

They obviously decided it was an all you can eat buffet.

I've spent the day trying not to scratch, my arm is very hot and swollen.

Friday, 9 July 2021


Beano is sat on the back of the sofa hoping I'll share my KitKat with him.

Thursday, 8 July 2021


My car should be ready today but I can't get a lift to collect it until Saturday.

I think I'm going to leave it on DD2's drive once I get it back, hopefully it will be safer there. I'd rather just sell it, I'm giving up driving in November so it's not really worth keeping it. I just need to convince Steve! He needs me to keep driving so I can take him for his blood tests and collect his prescription.

In response to some of the comments.

We can't change Drs as we are classed as No Fixed Abode, we have been with our current surgery for 15 years and they agreed to keep us on their books. Our only other option would be to change to The Drs in DD1's village but we have no way of getting there.

The last time I contacted the practice manager it was to complain about being diagnosed as diabetic. I am not diabetic and know enough about the readings the Dr was quoting to know it was bullshit. He was pushing the Cambridge diet, his wife was a Cambridge Consultant, I complained and received a very shitty reply from the Dr concerned. He has since left the surgery.

I know that Drs have been told to offer more f2f consultations but most still aren't.

Steve's symptoms aren't new, they are from his stroke, as for depression, the surgery are aware of it but there is no cure for that or his anxiety. Hence the "Go away and live with it" reply, as Lame Wolf says, she was given the same response as many others have been. 

When Steve first left hospital I was assured that there would be lots of help available. There wasn't, we had six weeks of daily  visits from the early discharge team but nothing else. The local stroke club meant I got a couple of hours break every week but that closed once the pandemic hit.

Steve has good days and bad, I try to ensure we do a little as possible on bad days. In three weeks time we will be travelling with friends which will make things easier.

Tuesday, 6 July 2021

One I made earlier


A hat and scarf for me for the winter, hopefully we will have a summer before winter arrives.

The hat is large as I have very long hair that I wear held up with a clip comb, this hat will fit over my hair.

The scarf is short and stitched together at the ends. Short, neat and it will fit under my winter coat.

The Dr has always refused to discuss Steve's stroke with him and Steve has been signed off by the consultant so there really isn't any help. We have had help from the stroke association but our local group closed due to covid.


Our surgery has a triage system whereby the receptionist asks why you wish to see the Dr. 

The receptionist then makes a decision about whether or not you need an appointment

When Steve developed gout he phoned and spoke to the receptionist, he was then offered a telephone appointment. 

After the telephone consultation he was offered a face to face appointment. 

This time because he wants to discuss his stroke recovery he can't have an appointment of any sort. The advice is go away and live with it.

Monday, 5 July 2021

Blood test

 Steve went for a blood test this morning. Because my car hasn't been repaired yet it meant he had to catch a train to Theale where DD2 picked him up and drove him to the Drs surgery. Once he'd had the test DD2 drove him in to Reading so he could go shopping and have breakfast.

He left here just before 9 and returned at 2:30, he was absolutely knackered and went to bed for a hour. He has managed to buy new trousers, tee shirts and underkecks so it was a successful day for him.

He asked at reception if he could make a Drs appointment but no, just carry on and make the best of things.

Saturday, 3 July 2021

Calmer today

Steve has spent most of today in bed.

He has had MRI scans in the past.

He sees the Dr only about his gout.

There is no follow up with regards to his stroke, his consultant's advice was for him to go away and live the best he can with what he's got.

Obviously there is no help or backup available.

Friday, 2 July 2021

Three years

 We had a Chinese takeaway this evening, it was delicious.

We worked out that it's three years since we last had one.

Where we are moored its about a ten minute walk to collect the takeaway.

Steve isn't well today,  we went shopping but he couldn't remember what he wanted from the hardware shop. He forgot to take a mask but fortunately I had a spare with me. He insisted on going into the butchers to chose the bacon for tomorrow's breakfast but came out with six gammon steaks instead of six rashers of back bacon

He walked straight out into traffic but fortunately I was able to grab him. 

He has Beano either on a very long lead which means he gets in everybody's way or he has him on too short a lead. He gives Beano loud and contradictory instructions, fortunately Beano ignores Steve but usually obeys me.

It's like Steve has scrambled eggs instead of brains, he is aware that he's struggling but this just means he tries to do everything. He has to hold my hand, the dog lead and the shopping trolley, gets hopelessly tangled and gets extremely cross when I take one of them, usually Beano, away from him. 

He can't bear me to go shopping without him, I think he sees it as a loss of control.

Wednesday, 30 June 2021

Seriously unimpressed

My DD1 is 40 today, I sent her a tub of lavender, it wasn't cheap, these things never are.

Despite my delivery instructions stating that the tub was to be left by the front door it was thrown over the back gate!

I shan't order from Bloom and Wild again. They have agreed to a partial refund and DD1 has repotted the lavender but it spoilt what should have been a lovely gift!

Monday, 28 June 2021

Long walk

Three miles is a long walk when you've got short fat hairy legs, Beano thinks so too.

Sunday, 27 June 2021

New project


I've been given a bag of assorted chunky yarn. I'm making a scarf and hat set with this as I love the colour. Most of the other yarn is in more subtle colours and tweedy looking. With it I'm thinking of making hats and short cravat style scarves as there are only a few balls of each whereas there is a lot of the stuff pictured above.

I have to say that Beano doesn't approve of knitting as he can't sit on my knee when I'm waving  long needles about, he prefers crochet as there is more room for him. This doesn't mean he goes short of cuddles though, he either sits on Steve's knee or I stop knitting!

Friday, 25 June 2021


We are growing beans and lettuce in troughs on the roof. The bean plans are covered in flowers so I hope we get a good crop.

Hearing aids

 Witch Hazel, my hearing aids are pretty good, there is a definite improvement. I can now hear the grandchildren when they speak to me but I still have problems if there is a lot of background noise. 

The big thing for me is the Bluetooth facility as it enables me to use the phone, listen to music and watch a film without subtitles.

Wednesday, 23 June 2021

Moving day

We filled the water tanks, emptied the black water and the rubbish before we set off.

We only travelled for about an hour before we moored up.

It's nice here but there's not much solar.

Monday, 21 June 2021

Wedding anniversary

It was our wedding anniversary on Friday, on Saturday we ordered takeaway fish and chips from a nearby pub.

The fish and chips were delicious but what a palava, we went to the pub, spoke to a staff member, who said there was no trace of my order! The implication being I'd obviously done something wrong! I took out my phone and showed her the email I'd received confirming my order.

She went back in to the pub and then returned saying they would make my order up and it would take 15 minutes. I agreed as I'd nothing defrosted ready to cook. Steve went to the bar and bought drinks, almost immediately the staff member returned with our meals. We left our drinks and returned to the boat as we didn't want the fish and chips to get cold. 

I can't believe the staff were able to cook the food that quickly but it was piping hot, the batter was crispy as we're the chips. Were both now full but Steve is still disgruntled that he paid for drinks and we didn't drink them.

Saturday, 19 June 2021

Well that's a new one

Thanks for the links Ruth.

 I answered a phone  call today, something I rarely do.

Caller "Am I speaking to Mrs Jo"

Me " No"

Caller "We need to deliver some cash to you today will you be in"

Me "I think you have the wrong number"

Caller "No the cash is definitely for you, I just need to check we have the correct postcode and I need to confirm that you will be in"

Me "Can you swim?

Caller "I don't understand"

Me " I live on a boat, you will have to swim out to deliver the cash"

Dial tone!!!!

Friday, 18 June 2021

Here we go again

It's rained all day today, apart from a brief respite at about 3:30 when I managed to get Beano out for a quick walk.

Because of the rain, the K&A is Red Boarded from Woolhampton to Frouds Bridge and from County Lock to Fobney Lock. I'm hoping we get to move on before we are Red Boarded here.

Our friends set off this afternoon towards Reading  they will be gone for five weeks, we will miss them. I'm on a mission to knit as many scarves and hats in the chunky wool I was given before they return. I shall do a simple rib for the scarves but I need to look for an easy hat pattern to go with them.

Margaret, I have seen Foxes Afloat, Steve watches a lot of narrow boat videos but to me they are a bit "coals to Newcastle" so I watch other stuff.

Thursday, 17 June 2021


 We had a smattering of rain last night but none of the promised thunder and lightening. 

Still it is cooler so Beano is more comfortable and has had a nice long walk today.

Steve is in a foul mood, probably worrying about the car.

I'm looking for some stashbuster crochet patterns, I'm watching some YouTube videos but some of them aren't very clear.

As it's cooler I've tidied a couple of drawers, cleaned the bathroom, reorganised the freezer and next I'm sweeping,and mopping the rest of the floor. Such an exciting life I lead!

Wednesday, 16 June 2021

What day is it?

Well I don't know about where you are but here it's been Twaterday!

We had a hire boater shouting at the five boats travelling towards him that they were on the wrong side of the canal, they weren't, he was!

Someone moored on the water point for the entire day, didn't need water and then complained about people running hoses too near his boat.

A woman fell off her boat and couldn't get out of the water, there were seven people on the bank. Three ran about like headless chickens, I shan't say which organisation they were with but they should have known better. One tried to pull her out with bungee cords, two got their phones out to film her and one, the hero of the hour, stepped forward, squatted down, took her hands and stood up slowly allowing her to climb out.

Someone came up to the boat and wittered on for ages about basic 101 dog psychology and how all dogs understand and like him. Meanwhile Beano was growling menacingly!

Tuesday, 15 June 2021

Security questions updated

Endless  phone calls today, insurance company, car recovery company, repairs company.

Only one question really threw me, now I have Bluetooth hearing aids most people are easy to hear.

But I had to ask for the question to repeated a few times when the person I was speaking to asked Cofer Daya Berr?

No it wasn't a foreign accent just lazy diction, I really couldn't understand her at all. Eventually she said "When were you born?"

 I expect she thought I was stupid!

The full conversation went thus.

 "_I neetask securtquest" 

This translates to I need to ask security questions.


 Car reg?

 "Fsline yrades?"

 First line of your address.

"Cofer daya berr?

Confirm your date of birth.

There were no extra comments at all, she did not say, could you tell me, or,  what is your.

She just slurred the necessary questions into as few syllables as possible.

Obviously being a decrepit old fart of almost 70 years of age I found this very confusing and she obviously thought I was stupid.

Sunday, 13 June 2021

Moving on

We have moved on again our last mooring was beautiful but there was no phone or Wi-Fi signal.

Where we are now the signal is better, we can stay for 7 days.

I'm currently car less, I walked back to get it this morning to discover it had been badly vandalised.

I'm now waiting to find out the cost of repair this could well be the end of my driving days.

Friday, 11 June 2021

Legal again

My car passed its MOT, it was actually never illegal, I just wanted it done in plenty of time in case there were any issues.

We are bridge hopping our way to Devizes, so when I go anywhere like I did this morning I need to remember the name of the nearest pub or hamlet so I know where to turn off. It's very easy to start driving on automatic pilot and then realising you are heading to the mooring g before last.

It took me an hour I get to the MOT centre, then I got the car washed and went shopping. 

Just a small shop, a piece of lamb shoulder for Sunday lunch and some spring greens to go with it.

Moving day tomorrow, we need water and to empty the black water tank.

Thursday, 10 June 2021

Fully paid up.

 I'm now officially a fully paid up member of the Fucarewi movement.

I drive up and down the A4  muttering Where the fuck are we Moored!

Tuesday, 8 June 2021

Hot, hot, hot

 I did buy two duvets at one point but Steve hated it, no idea why.

So today it's really hot, so what do I decide to do? Make strawberry jam, I must be mad.

Still very poor Wi-Fi signal here so yesterday I repaired a dress, altered a top and did some crochet. Today I'm turning two dresses into tops.

Monday, 7 June 2021

Nipples, toes and how close is too close?

The fuel boat visited today we bought gas and diesel, enough to see us through until he next passed along. He ties up alongside so he can reach. He has a lovely dog called Max, I have Max a cuddle and a bowl of water.

Steve likes the bed clothes folded down to below his nipples.

I like the bedclothes so I can pull them up over my shoulders.

Because of this I sleep so far down the bed that I can hook my toes over the end of the bed.

Friday, 4 June 2021

Under threat

 I'm not sure if this will post, we have moved from an area of no signal at all to an area of occasional signal.

I am under threat of arrest again from HRMC, their agents are on their way unless I press 1. I'm not sure where they are on their way to but hopefully they can meet up with the agents from National Insurance and have a chat whilst they look for me!

I've also been threatened with arrest by the local police, a passing dog walker informed me that she was phoning the police to report the dangerous dog I have on board. She was upset that Beano, who was on the boat behind a baby gate, barked at her dog as it had the temerity to walk up our gang plank. She shouted at me to get a muzzle for Beano, so in a calm and reasonable manner I suggested she should wear a muzzle. She is also reporting me for being a dirty gypsy and using bad language. I shall be annoyed if she wastes police time over this.

Steve is also being threatened but by the DWP, letters and phone calls are still being received with regards to his ESA claim, his benefit will be stopped forthwith as he isn't supplying the documentary evidence they require. That will be because he isn't claiming ESA or anything else for that matter. Every time someone phones, he explains that he isn't making a claim. They apologise and assure him that they will sort it out but a couple of days later and someone else phones with the same questions.

Monday, 31 May 2021

 No posts for a few days as we are moored in a dead zone, no wifi, no phone signal. I've walked a couple of miles to send this.

Friday, 28 May 2021

Throw them up and throw them in.

 DD2 recently moved in to her new house, it's a new build on a new estate. I have to say I'd never but a new build as I've heard so many horror stories. DD2's house is no exception

Within hours of moving in she discovered water running down the walls. One of her children was having a bath, DD2 assumed they were sloshing the water around at went upstairs to tell them to stop. But no, the problem was that none of the pipe fittings had been tightened so all the joints were leaking. She phoned the building company only to be told that this was impossible as the problem would have been pick up and put on the snagging list.

The following day she discovered the same problem with the downstairs plumbing, phoned again and was given the same line of bollocks about the snagging list.

As part of the estate is still under construction DD2 hunted down one of the plumbers and persuaded him to come and address the problems. He was there for two days!

The turf in the back garden was laid without the ground being levelled so it started to die. DD2 sorted this problem out her self.

Yesterday she discovered that one of the kitchen worksurface brackets has been connected to the mains electric. Yet again she phoned the building company, this time she was told that this was impossible as the house would have been given a final electrics test and said test would have been signed off. DD2 knew this as she'd already spoken to Steve about it.

DD2 quoted chapter and verse on all the safety issues involved and no doubt put the fear of God into whoever she was speaking to. The problem was being resolved last to heard.

Wednesday, 26 May 2021


This post has been triggered by unknown's comment about riding a bike.

I was born in 1951, my parents were 18 and 32 when they married.

A few months after they married my mother became unwell, she suffered with nerves, she went to the Dr who suggested a baby would cure the problem. In due course I arrived. Shortly after I was born it was decided I was not the cure needed and my mother returned to work.

I was cared for by a local childminder, something I still have occasional flashbacks about all these years later.

Once I started school, my holidays were spent with assorted relatives, some of these were happier than others.

I'm not sure what my mother thought marriage would entail but housework, childcare and cooking were certainly not on the agenda. As she was a smoker I assume mum was rarely hungry. Breakfast was coffee a  a cigarette, lunch wasn't really thought of though occasionally there might be half a thinly sliced mars bar or a few spoonfuls of condensed milk.

I'm not sure if things would have been better had I been a boy or if I had looked less like my father's side of the family. I was certainly not a child that paid for the dressing.

My mother never did find a cure for her nerves and lived with many phobias, thunder, lightening, small furry animal's, snakes, opticians, doctors, hospitals and dentists to name but a few. I believe she self medicated with alcohol or maybe she just liked a drink or four. She was never a nasty drunk but she could be unpredictable.

What does this have to do with me not owning a bike?

I was not allowed to learn to ride a bike as I might have an accident, I was also not allowed to learn to swim as if I did I might go near water and drown. 

I've always assumed these worries were more about her fear of hospitals than worry about me. Her fear of them meant she was unable to visit me when I had my tonsils out age 4 or even when I had my own children.

My parents were married for over 20 years and the only thing they ever rowed about was my mother treating the family dog better than she treated me.

My mum often said she was surprised I was so affectionate to my own children as she had never been that way with me. 

After my parents separated my mum had quite a lot of short term relationships, none of them lasted. Unfortunately mum loved to flirt and dress provocatively but got very offended when men wanted anything other than a platonic relationship.



Tuesday, 25 May 2021

Moored up


Our new neighbours.

We are moored up, Beano and I walked just over 4 miles.

Steve cannot walk back to collect the car as he doesn't drive. He had an industrial accident almost 30 years ago.

Here's hoping

Here's hoping for a dry day as Steve wants to move today, one lock and three miles.

I'll walk there and set the lock, then once we're moored up safely I'll walk back and get the car and then go shopping.

Sunday, 23 May 2021

Wet again

Another day of wind and rain here, we were thinking of moving today but put it off as a friend of Steve's was supposed to be coming for lunch.

As it happens the friend cancelled but  I'm glad we decided not to move as the weather is, yet again, atrocious.

The rain is so heavy that the water levels are up and down like a bride's nightdress, the sluices are working overtime attempting to compensate. We will eventually reach saturation point.

I've now made 20 friendship bracelets and I have another 20 cut up ready to plait.

Ellen, thanks for your concern, the letters are not a scam, just the usual disorganised communication from the local benefits department. Hopefully they will realise that Steve isn't claiming benefits before they waste their time phoning him.

Amanda I gather that although Diana complained about the tabloids and the tv journalists she wasn't adverse to letting them know where she'd be at times when she wanted publicity.

Weaver yes, wet boating holidays are truly miserable, the boats that are due back tomorrow have been struggling along today.

Saturday, 22 May 2021

Three letters

 Steve has received three letters, they were dated a few days apart. 

The first was to inform him that his benefits would be stopped as he had refused to send in a fit note.

The second was to inform him that his benefits would be stopped on a certain date as he will have reached retirement age.

The third letter was to tell him he MUST attend a health assessment interview by telephone in June as he missed the previous ones and if he doesn't attend his benefits will be stopped. How he is meant to have missed previous telephone appointments I'm not sure as he hasn't missed any calls.

These letters would be confusing enough on their own but when you consider the fact that Steve receives no benefits it all becomes slightly barmy!

Steve applied for the new style ESA  merely to ensure his stamp was paid for the first year after his stroke. This was to ensure he had enough contributions to collect his state pension.

I'm struggling to understand why people are shocked at the behaviour of the BBC, I've always known that the BBC was referred to a Anti, not Aunty. Maybe I'm cynical, scratch that. I am definitely cynical. I expect reporters to be dishonest just as I assume politicians are also dishonest.

I am beyond bored with the Harry and Megan saga, yes he had a shitty life but he had a privileged shitty life. Lots of people have had a worse time but at some point they have made the decision to put the past behind them where it belongs and have a good life. 

Moved again

We had no wifi at our last mooring spot so I couldn't post. It was a lovely spot and we were near people we know so Beano had a catch-up...