Saturday, 4 December 2021

Swedish death cleaning

The idea behind this is so you don't leave a load of crap for family to sort out when you die, cheerful little soul aren't I?

This has been confirmed as being a thing, by a commenter on the previous poster.

I'm afraid I don't like phrases such as passed on etcetera, I don't like lost either as in I'm sorry you lost your mum, like a piece of lost luggage.

Anyway I digress.

I remember when my ex's father died, his sons rushed over to remove his collection of pornography before their mum found it. This is a similar idea. Neither Steve or I have anything embarrassing for anyone to find when we die. My days of wearing leather and wielding a bull whip are long gone. And I know where Steve's embarrassing stuff is. The job would fall to my daughters both of whole are pretty unshockable, probably due to having me as a mother.

What I'm doing now is going through stuff that I haven't used for ages or can no longer see well enough to use.
I know someone who's daughter is taking up dress making, so I'm gifting her a book of patterns. Other books and all bar two dvds are going  on the shelf in the shower block for other people can help them selves.
I shall rootle through the draws under the bed to see what else can go.


Angela said...

Staying for the past week with my 93 year old aunt [widowed 16 years] after the sudden death of my 65 yr old cousin has been an experience. I'd expect to be mostly sorting out Gillian's stuff - in fact we have returned with loads of my late uncles things to sort out and sell. And we took 36 bags to charity shops and put out another 36 for rubbish/recycling. I think the Swedes have a point. I'm 66, and I am trying very hard not to leave that sort of chaos for my daughters. And I am going to put labels on the back of any family photos I deem worth keeping.

Jennyff said...

I like that death cleaning expression, and I always use the word died when someone has (died). I am constantly telling my husband that the treasures he cannot part with, nothing embarrassing here, will simply be thrown away by someone else when he's dead, maybe even me. Doesn't stop him keeping things even though we've downsized to an apartment and storage is in short supply, for 7 years now his trousers press has been stuck in a wardrobe unused.

Chris said...

An eminently wise course of action - wish I was so disciplined! Your daughters will thank you. I also despise these expressions. Call it what it is for goodness sake!

A Smaller Life said...

My sons should have a much easier job sorting through my stuff than me, my husband and brother had sorting through my Dad's crammed to the roof garage and allotment shed. It took numerous trips to the tip, a large skip on the drive. lots of charity shop visits and a couple of car boot sales to dispose of his 'treasures'. Sadly the valuable things had been stored with the absolute crap and had lost all value.

Swedish Ddath cleaning just says it as it is, sometimes that can be so refreshing.


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