Sunday, 12 December 2021


I have very little to write about as my life is very boring.

I read a lot, currently a Faith Martin book.

I walk Beano but seldom see anyone on my walks.

I eat a lot of salads at lunch time.

I cook a meal every evening, today was roast beef.

We have a Tesco delivery once a week and DD2 takes me shopping when she goes, that way I can buy anything missed from our delivery.

We now have strong Wi-Fi signal and tv reception, I watch the Repair Shop, Who do you think you are and a Christmas film once a week. This is why I didn't want to spend £3000 on a new satellite system.

Today Steve watched the Grand Prix, Beano found all the screaming and shouting a bit confusing but he soon got used to it and went back to sleep.

It's a comfortable life but not very exciting.


Mary Bolton said...

I read your blog regularly. Your live on a boat is very different
from mine, here on dry land. Thank you for posting about your needle work projects. I made the Outlander Cowl as gifts for several people.

Chris said...

That sounds like a pretty well organized life, Hester. I wouldn't apologize for it. I like to keep to a routine too - have the same activities each day (books, puzzles), eat the same breakfasts and lunches (i.e. eggs on the weekends, porridge on Wednesdays) Then I only have to think about dinners!

RunNRose said...

i don't think you need to apologize for anything. You do a very good job of keeping readers aware of what goes on in your world.
Many times I've smiled as I read your stories. I have a boring life. Live in Texas in the middle of lots of concrete and traffic, with a husband who has dementia. Now, MY life is boring! It helps me to read about life on a boat in a land across the sea! My "me" time is spent knitting, crocheting, and WAY too much time working jigsaw puzzles and playing word games on my ipad. Thank you for posting!

Siebrie said...

It is fine, you have a way with words to even describe the most boring things that they become interesting. Other than that, I think you have had a very interesting life, boring must be welcome at this point :)

A Smaller Life said...

I don't know why you are apologising, you live an interesting life ... after all who else of us bloggers lives permanently on a boat for starters. I'm glad you've got good tv reception and WiFi at the moment, it makes a huge difference.

Can I ask why you only watch one Christmas film a week, or is it just because you prefer action movies or something?

lindsey said...

Well, if your life is boring so is mine and so is that of most people. I really enjoy reading your blog and I think that you are amazing in how you cope with whatever you meet in life. You are an inspiration 👏👏👏

flis said...

My life is walking the dogs,washing mud off the dogs,feeding them-As little cleaning as possible-and not much else-But today we had a visitor-the chimney sweep x

Moira said...

We all live boring lives that is how it goes, just enjoy what the good lord gives us, but he also gave us self consents so keep fightening it and live life your way.

JanF said...

I, too, love reading about your life as it is so very different from mine. I think it's a very good and mentally healthy thing to take a real interest in other people's lives and just how they differ.


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