Thursday, 2 December 2021


 My feet have been cold all day, they don't warm up between dog walks. It's been sunny all day which is good.

I don't mind Steve watching the snooker it's just that he will tell everyone that he never watches tv and got it repaired just for me.

The supermarket shop arrived on time today, Steve ordered burgers and burger buns so he could have them for tea tonight, I had something different I don't mind burgers occasionally but not every week.

I've been looking at free standing shelves, I'm really short of cupboard space in the kitchen. There is one of those corner cupboards  that pulls out the shelves when you open the door but the door doesn't  open fully as it hits the oven door and the unit isn't fixed properly. All I keep in there is a bag of potatoes. I'm thinking of buying some free standing shelves to stand on the work surface. I'm also thinking of buying some fabric boxes for the bathroom shelves to disguise some of the clutter.

I may have a look on YouTube for some suggestions.


JanF said...

That sounds like a good idea.
So funny how Steve pretends not to watch t.v.! Men are always little boys inside.

flis said...

My feet are cold all day too at the moment and I'm not near water either-I am sittng with my feet on my hot water bottle-Someone here keeps telling people whoppers about how saint like they are towards me x


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