Tuesday, 7 December 2021

Like a baby.

The weather that is, it's been wet and windy.

Steve stayed in bed until about 11, he was still tired from yesterday's shopping trip. It's partly the walking from shop to shop and partly the wandering around once in the shop as he never knows where anything is.

I shall go shopping tomorrow for the items he couldn't get, I'm not going into town but to where there only a few shops one of which is Dunelm there is also a supermarket and a Boots so I'm hoping to get everything I need there.

I had company on my dog walk this morning, someone who used to walk the towpath with her dog. She had him PTS a few months ago as he was unwell and she told me she missed walking him. I suggested she walk with me and she did. We probably could have chosen a better day as the weather really deteriorated during the walk. Hopefully she will join me again soon.

I took Beano out again about 2  by which time the wind was really strong, I had a bag of rubbish with me to take to the rubbish point. Beano only walked about 20 feet, then he turned, slipped out of his collar and retired to the boat. Steve let him back in and I disposed of the rubbish almost getting blown along at some points.


Ellen D. said...

Good luck with your shopping trip! Hope you find all of the things you are looking for!

Chris said...

You're a hardy woman, Hester. I hope your new friend makes a habit of meeting you on your walk with Beano, that will be nice company for you.

lindsey said...

The weather was quite something yesterday, wasn’t it? 70 m/hr winds here in NI. As it also poured with rain all day our dogs didn’t get a walk. The advice from the police was to stay at home, so we did.


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