Friday, 3 December 2021


Thank you for the info about the Alistair Sim film, I found it and will watch it on Monday as Steve is going in to town for hearing aid batteries.

This morning we walked to the local cafe for breakfast it's approximately a four mile round trip. It's too far for Steve to walk in one hit but he can manage it with a pit stop for breakfast.

That's three days running Beano has had a long walk, it's been cold but not too wet.

Once home Steve and Beano settled down to watch the snooker, I did some crochet and some housework.

Tomorrow I shall do an hours worth of Swedish Death cleaning, I'm getting rid of all my dvds, four of my 7  books and two items of clothing.


Chris said...

Never heard of Swedish Death cleaning but imagine it is pretty rigorous. Here, the Dutch are notorious for cleanliness.

Julie C said...

Hello, long time lurker but I think this is my first post 😊. I have done a great job of Swedish Death Cleansing over the past 6 months. However, I’ve been dithering over the DVD collection. On Saturday we had power but no internet, DVDs to the rescue - they have won a reprieve, for now. Your plans for the kitchen and bathroom sound great, Julie C x

Jaccs said...

Swedish death cleaning? Not heard of that before, is that a ruthless cull?sometimes a ruthless cull is very liberating, glad to hear Beano and Steve have had a long walk and breakfast, gets rid of the cobwebs and feeds the soul and stomach xx

Onevikinggirl said...

I promise, it is real thing. It saves the next of kin and also includes labeling things as gifts to special people.

Col said...

We did a mega sort out when we moved from a big house to a small bungalow, and since then we've tried to stay on top of the 'stuff', not always successfully.
We finally got around to cataloguing our DVD and Blu ray collection a few weeks ago, all now filed neatly in boxes, and cross referenced in a notebook, all 865 of them! I don't remember ever buying so many, and only a few were gifts from our son over the years, so I think they've been breeding! Their cases are up in the attic, in black bags, that saves a lot of space. We have SKY TV with movies, Netflix, and Amazon Prime, so I'm pretty sure that we don't need the DVDs at all, but hey......
Everything else in the place either means a lot to us, (quite a lot of antiques which we've collected together) and/or is of some value, either practical or monetary, and it will all be staying here for our son to deal with when the time comes. I'm sure he wouldn't want my yarn collection, but he'll appreciate his Dad's tools, both hand and power that he has amassed over forty plus years, our cars live on the drive as the garage is a hobby/workshop!
My father in law died a few weeks ago, and we're in the process of sorting out his flat, fortunately he owned the place, so we're not having to rush to empty it (as we would be if it was social housing). He didn't have great taste, and has what I call his great crap collection, I'm sure you've seen the picture of the dogs playing poker, well he had that on his living room wall, alongside other assorted tasteless rubbish! We've already sent a lot of things to various chazza shops, the furniture is destined for the auction houses. The main issue is the amount of paperwork, he'd kept bills and receipts from twenty years ago, but not in any specific order, so that's going to be a big job!
Neither husband or myself could ever be described as minimalist. Is there such a thing as a maximalist, if so, husband and I are definitely that!
Take care, Col X

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