Wednesday, 22 December 2021

No knead bread

Marlene my oven has two temperatures off any very high so I can't use it to prove the bread.

Siobhan, thank you.

Chris, that's a good idea.

Ellen, I stood it on the hearth beside the fire but it was still not warm.

The bread took all day to prove as it's so cold on the boat but I eventually baked it at about 7:30 it was perfectly edible.

From now on I'll start the bread just before I go to bed, leave it to prove overnight and bake it in the morning when I get up.

I shall tweak the recipe a little until I get the flavour how I like it.

Steve doesn't like home made food he prefers fried, beige or shop bought. He wouldn't eat the parsnip soup and had a Pot Noodle instead!

We've run out of bread so his choice is to eat it or walk three miles to the nearest shop. No doubt he will eat it for a few days until our next supermarket delivery arrives.

I'm happy to walk to the shop but I can't take Beano as he's not allowed in the shop and I won't tie him up outside


chinadogs said...

I can't remember if you have a microwave? I use mine to prove dough if the kitchen is cold. The way I do this is to heat up a jug of water in the microwave (heat to hot but not boiling), then put the covered bowl of dough in the microwave to rise in the warm atmosphere that the jug of hot water gives off. The water will stay warm for ages if you don't open the door

Anonymous said...

We really noted where you said that you won't leave Beano tied up outside shops. He is too precious for you to have him stolen. By the way I am a long-term reader of your very entertaining blog - we both laugh and cry with you !
Wishing you a good Christmas and a very Happy New Year.
Wendy (Wales)

keth said...

have you thought of trying sour dough? i ask cos its one of those breads that actually benefit from a long slow cold prove. if you follow this guy, the process doesn't require discards, or special equipment either (unless you want to).

Lynda said...

I won’t even leave my dogs in a locked car to run in somewhere..I don’t blame you.
I hope you got the coal you needed. My bread doesn’t rise correctly in the summer heat and humidity, either!

A Smaller Life said...

Bread proved overnight is actually very tasty, so although it's hard habit to get into at first, it's well worth doing it that way.


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