Monday, 27 December 2021


The marina staff have gone down with covid, no one feels unwell but they are all self isolating.

 So no pump out or diesel for a few days.

I've emptied the fridge to accommodate today's shopping delivery, it didn't take long as the fridge was almost bare.

It's raining here, Beano walked about 6 feet from the boat, widdled, turned, returned to the boat and went back to sleep. Further invitations to leave the boat have been studiously ignored.


Rambler said...

Beano has the same attitude towards rain as my Benji - it needs more than gentle persuasion to get him out if the ground is wet!
I hope the isolating marina crew will be able to contact someone to deal with the necessities regarding pump outs and fuel, etc.

Davey Bacaron Designs said...

Hope all is well with you and Beano. Have a great time!

Davey Bacaron Designs said...

Have a great time with Beano! :)

Anonymous said...

clever dog!!

Col said...

The Marina managers need to call in replacement staff.
It's not reasonable, or providing the service you pay dearly for to leave you without pump outs or fuel.
I know things are very difficult owing to Covid, but it's not right in any way to inconvenience live aboards like you!
Take care, Col. X

flis said...

I've taken mine out for a decent walk but to be honest they didn't seem too bothered to go-and on our return rushed straight to a bed or chair-I don't understand these matters but is there someone from Waterways authority thingy who could assist?x

A Smaller Life said...

Beano sounds just like Suky, who if it's raining looks at me with such disdain for daring to suggest an outing. She does a mad dash into the garden and then comes straight back in to throw me a black look for organising rain!!


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