Tuesday 30 June 2015


My L&M's phone rang at 3:30 this morning, it only rang a few times before they hung up. We discovered when we arrived at work this morning that the alarm was sounding at work. The alarm company were having problems silencing it, but as hubby doesn't get paid if he gets called out, he won't go.
As I said the phone only rang a few times but the damage was done and we were awake until 5 and then had to get up at 5:30 for work. I think an early night is in store tonight.
We went from work to Sports Direct to get hubby a new pair of trainers for the weekend. When we got home I cooked tea, then despite the heat I managed to vacuum through. I also got a line of washing dry, I'm trying to keep on top of things as I have plans for some big jobs this weekend.
My new shelving units have arrived so I'm aiming to get them into my sewing room and get stuff on them this weekend.

Monday 29 June 2015

Hospital check up

Hospital check up this morning, it all went very smoothly, no long delays today. The inflammation has all cleared up but I have  split in my retina, there is not likely to be much improvement on what I have but that is fine by me. I can manage as I am and that will do.
There was a minor panic in the queue for the scanner, a lady started to get hysterical, believing that the laser was escaping from the scan room. I checked and was able to reassure her that it was merely the red light coming from the computer mouse.
I ordered some shelves to help organise my craft room, they have arrived so I'm about to start putting them together

Saturday 27 June 2015

Garden 27th June 15

Onions & Beetroot











Runner Beans

Hanging basket

Hanging basket

Sunday 21 June 2015

Getting my baps out

It's warm & sunny here today, so I am wearing one of my two summer dresses, I can't wear it to work as it has a low neckline & my baps are out on show. I love the dress, it is a lovely shade of green and covered in cream embroidery.
I shall wear in in the garden and hope no-one knocks on the door!

Saturday 20 June 2015

£500 just to stay legal

I had my car MOT'd on Monday, DS did it for free in exchange for feeding his 2 cats next week.
I needed a new tyre, £50 - £60, car tax £180, Car insurance £193, not much change from £500. It's all budgeted for but even so it's a big hit to take in one month.

Wednesday 17 June 2015

More Aaargh

I was up at 3 this morning, sneezing my head off, I came downstairs to avoid waking hubby and then realised I was covered in urticaria. Unfortunately my anti histamine tablets were at work, by the time I got there I was very red and very itchy. Fortunately within 20 minute of taking half a tablet the itching started to subside. I daren't take a whole tablet as even the non-drowsy wipe me out, and even with only half a tablet I have a very dry mouth that feels like a camels armpit.
I left work at 2 to take hubby for a site visit, we didn't get home until 5, by which time my ankles were very swollen, oh the joys of old age!
Still, this cheered me up, my 3 youngest grandchildren. 
Baby Lizzie and baby Josh who had crawled off their blankets and Suzy, who isn't crawling yet, so stayed put.

Saturday 13 June 2015

Exercise, who needs exercise

I try to walk as much as possible throughout the day at work I also try to walk around the area I live in on the days I don't work.I haven't walked at the weekend for a few weeks, a combination of limited vision and feeling dizzy meant I didn't feel safe walking the streets.
This week I' m feeling better and I'm adjusting to the changes in my vision, so I decided to start walking again, then I received a message for DD Helen.
Could I have Molly and Neal for a couple of hours this morning, of course I said yes.
She dropped them off about 9:30, we made cakes, Molly made 2 dozen butterfly cakes, Neal made a dozen double choc chip muffins. We walked to the lock to watch the boats going through, we walked along the river bank to feed the ducks, we walked to the cafe to buy ice creams, we walked to the park to play. We then took them to a local toy shop hubby bought Molly yet more loom bands & Neal some toy cars, then we took them out for lunch. We dropped them home at about 4:30, had a quick cuddle with baby Lizzie & baby Josh and then drove home we arrived home just after 5. 
We've had a cuppa, we won't need anything else to eat today, I think an early night is on the cards. I'll probably go for walk tomorrow.

Showing respect

An interesting conversation at work yesterday concerning the silly girl who stripped naked along with others on Mount Kinabalu in Malaysia.

I have no sympathy for her and feel a couple of days discomfort in a foreign jail might teach her some manners.

Some of my colleagues think she's been hard done by as her actions couldn't have caused an earthquake. Earthquake or no, she showed great disrespect to the country's beliefs, I did ask one colleague how she'd feel if people stripped of in St Paul's cathedral or in her local church, but she didn't see that it was the same. She feels her beliefs are more important than some others

Another colleague thought I'd approve as I'm pagan and pagans get naked all the time. Actually they don't and neither do I, this is England with typical English weather, it's too bloody cold and wet most of the time. And anyway I'm Wiccan and some rituals need contact with the earth to work properly. If I really feel the need for this contact I go barefoot which I feel is sufficient. I also try to live by 'An it harm none, do as you will', I don't always manage this but do try to remember the Law of Threefold Return. A belief that anything that I do will be returned to me threefold. In other words, good deeds are magnified in like form back to the doer, and so are ill deeds.

Friday 12 June 2015


Christopher Lee

Marguerite Pattern 

and Ron Moody

I enjoyed watching Christopher Lee in films, reading and cooking dishes from Marguerite Pattern's recipe books and I've spent all day singing 'I'm reviewing the situation'.

Thursday 11 June 2015

Shopping updated with prices

I've made a supermarket shopping list, it comes to about £30 and a shopping list for the butchers which comes to a bit (lot) more. My freezer is nearly empty (I have been working towards emptying it) in fact today for tea we had lamb koftas with chips & beans to get rid of some more things. I do have some frozen fish in the freezer and some cooked sliced turkey, but that is it. Tomorrow when I get in from work I shall clean the freezer drawers ready for refilling.
This will see us through a month or so with occasional purchases of milk, bread and fruit. We won't be buying much veg as we has stuff growing in the garden, carrot and cabbage to start with.

Peppered Steak x 4 £7.98
Pork chops x 4 £8.57
Sausages x 12 £5.98
Lambs liver x 10 slices £2.11
Beefburgers x 6 £3.60
Lamb shanks x 2 £7.98
Minced beef x 1kl £2.20
Gammon joint £5.99
Chicken thighs x 1kl £3.95
Chicken wings x 1kl £1.69
Smoked haddock x 4 £3.50

Butter x 2 £0.88
Baking parchment £2
Muesli £2.00
Part baked baguettes £0.45
Vinegar x £0.39
Cocoa £1.99
Icing sugar £1.55
Granulated sugar £0.59
Milk £1
Oven chips £1.50
Sliced bread x 2 £1.50
Houmous £1.30
Hot dogs £2
Cheese asst £6.00
SR Flour £0.45

Tuesday 9 June 2015


Unfortunately my L&M didn't get the job, so he will continue the search.

Thieving Barstewards

When I left for work this morning the passenger door of my car wouldn't open, someone had tried to break into it & busted the door handle
They had obviously had a go a all the cars in the street.
I'm tempted to wire the car up to the mains, but that is probably illegal!

Saturday 6 June 2015

It's going to be a bloody long weekend

Usually a long weekend is something to look forward to, but not this sort.
My L&M went for a job interview on Friday, so from Wednesday until Friday he was stressed & snappy. He hates interviews and get incredibly nervous about them.
He will not find out if he was successful until Monday or Tuesday, so he is still stressed & exceedingly stroppy. He is desperate to get the job and continually beating himself up about things he said/didn't say at the interview.
If he were to get the job it will cause me many problems, so my feelings about the job are ambivalent!

Thursday 4 June 2015


Blogging is a little sparse at the moment, I'm still not finding it easy to type as my eye is still inflamed.
There is also a lot going on with work & family that is taking up a lot of m brain power.
We finally have a date organised for the Cake Smash,  it's a week Sunday, for the twins 1st birthday, it's a little late but their actual birthday coincided with the DGC's school fete so we've only just got a date when everyone is free. 
I now need to make the bunting and tutu and possibly the cakes, none of which will take very long so I will do the sewing this weekend.
I will post pics of the event.

Fruit and veg box

 This is what was in my box today. Carrots, cabbage, spinach, avocado, apples, oranges and a huge beefsteak tomato. I've already eaten a...