Tuesday 31 July 2018

Great Bedwyn to Honey Street

Nine hours lots of locks and a very tight squeeze to get the boat in the last mooring space.
An early night and a lie in are on the cards I hope.

Monday 30 July 2018

Great Bedwyn

We left Kintbury at 9 this morning, we buddied up with another boat.
They have a crew of four.
We took it in turns to work the locks, all 13 of them.
We stopped for an hour in Hungerford for lunch.
We reached Great Bedwyn at 5. 
There was only one mooring space left.
Our buddy boat got in the space and we've breasted up for the night.
We are all knackered and going to have an early night.
We are setting off at 9 tomorrow.

Sunday 29 July 2018


It's still raining, it hasn't stopped all day and now the wind is getting up.
It's not forecast to rain as much tomorrow so we may move, at least as far as Hungerford to do some shopping.
Let's hope it isn't too windy tomorrow, narrowboats aren't easy to steer in strong wind. Yesterday's journey was interesting in some places as it was very windy. CHS would get the boat going in a straight line but a sudden gust of wind and he'd be struggling to keep it straight. We saw one boat end up across the canal as the wind suddenly caught it.
It's like trying to steer a 57 foot sail.


I saw,this on the MSE forum earlier today and decided I need to use it sometimes.

Roses are red, Karma is true.
May you get what is coming to you.
By skin and bone, blood and nerve.
You will get what you deserve.

I'm also learning a version of the sheep  counting system, yan tan tethera, it's raining, we can't move on until tomorrow and there is no TV signal.

It will stave off boredom for a few hours.

Saturday 28 July 2018


We are moored in Kintbury, on the 48 hour visitor moorings. The weather is forecast to be very wet tomorrow if it is we will stay here.
We were moored just above Greenham lock last night, we had some very heavy rain in the early hours but it had stopped by the time we got up.
We've travelled through nine locks today and one swing bridge,  some of the locks were easier than others. We had help at three of the locks as there were boats traveling in the opposite direction.

One boat was decked out with balloons and bunting, one of the passengers was celebrating his birthday, he was probably about seven years old.

We passed a boat called Sunflower Days there were about 20 sunflowers in pots on the boat. Another boat had a roof covered in sedum and grass, the boat didn't seem to have a name. We also saw a boat with a vegetable garden on the roof and in the cratch a  tub of runner beans covered in flowers. The most decorative boat today has to be African Queen, on the roof loads and loads of bottles and jars all covered in glass mosaic.

Boat name of the day

The best boat name today was Potato, I'd love to know why it's called that.

Friday 27 July 2018

It's been a long day.

CHS was at work today so we couldn't start our journey until he finished but we still managed to get almost to Newbury.
We had a couple of showers on the way, one at Monkey Marsh lock and one at Bulls swing bridge. I got very wet both times.
We are moored on the armco just. Past the dry dock. Tomorrow we will fill up with diesel and water and then resume our journey.

Soft touch, updated

Here is the post I meant to write.
I'm a terrible soft touch, I cannot walk past anyone begging though I usually buy them a sandwich and a drink rather than give money. If they have a dog with them I'll buy dog treats.
My DD2 volunteers at a charity that helps vulnerable and homeless people, my DD1 is a foster carer, like me they cannot walk on by
Today I was in Tesco in Reading just after 7 am I was loading some heavy shopping into my car when a man came to help me.
I assume he was an addict as he was very jittery but perfectly polite.
He asked if he could have the £1 from my trolley, I explained that  had used a token so there wasn't £1 in there. I rummaged in my bag and gave him £5.
He seemed overcome and went to hug me, then he paused, thinking I maybe didn't want a hug.
I hugged him and told him to take care of himself.

Wednesday 25 July 2018

Skint colleague

It dawned on CHS's skint colleague yesterday that there will be no overtime for the next six weeks.
This means he cannot meet his financial commitments!
Neither CHS or the other caretaker want to do overtime so the skint colleague gets to do the bulk of it, he is now in a panic.
CHS is trying to think of ways to help him out, I suggested hiring  hit man to dispose of the colleagues wife but CHS doesn't think this is feasible.
I also suggested they could do without Sky, the latest smart phone and eleventy billion handbags, but it seems these are essential to life, so too is the new airfryer at £160.
Funnily enough I'm still alive despite not having Sky or an airfryer. I do have a phone, it may be smart but I'm not and I have but one handbag, a small black clutchbagfor posh nights out, the rest of the time I use a backpack.

Monday 23 July 2018

Fecking technology

Poor CHS had a Dr's appointment this morning and the Dr sent him for an x-Ray.
The results will be back in a few days, it's probably arthritis .
Because of the traffic and lack of parking at the hospital we parked the car and caught the bus.
CHS has an app on his phone that tells him when the next bus is due. Unfortunately the app has been replaced by a new one that CHS hasn't got yet.
Instead of sitting at the bus stop, like any normal person, he insisted on sitting in the car titting about with the app. Of course we missed the next bus as he couldn't get the app to work. I'm shouting that the bus is coming and he's shushing me because he's trying to see the bus on his phone!

Sunday 22 July 2018

Non-moving day and funny questions.

We were intending to move on today but the next two places on our journey are full. So we will stay here at Woolhampton until Monday, when I will check again to see if there is room.

We need to be in Thatcham by Friday as we are spending three weeks travelling towards Bath and back.

People often stop and talk to us when we are working the locks, well they usually chat to CHS, I'm mostly red-faced and puffing from having galloped along the towpath and cranked the lock paddles.

Yesterday I was helped through a lock by a chap who had just bought his own boat but hadn't collected it yet, he wanted to gain some experience at locking before attempting it on his own.

Another chap asked me about water, I was opening the swing bridge for CHS and kept it open for the boats exiting the lock. He asked why CHS had turned off to the left instead of heading straight into the lock. I explained that we needed to fill up with water, he didn't realise we had a tank that we filled with water, he assumed we were connected to mains water somehow.

Once we moored at the water point someone also stormed over shouting 'Don't you realise there is a hosepipe ban?' 
Well there isn't a ban yet and even if there was I'm sure it's to stop people using a hose for watering their garden and washing their cars. It doesn't apply to filling up a water tank on a boat!

Saturday 21 July 2018

Moving day

We moved today. We spent a pleasant week at Tyle Mill, we left there at 10 this morning.

CHS moved the boat and I bridge hopped. I'd park the car, walk back to the lock, lock the boat through, walk back to the car, drive to the next place etc until we made it to Woolhampton.

We stopped at Aldermaston Wharf to fill up with water and then again at Frouds Bridge for a pump out.

I didn't mean for my last post to be cryptic, I have become embroiled in a  court case that should have been resolved at the end of this month but it will now drag on to the end of August.

Thursday 19 July 2018

Heart sore and head sore

I'm heart sore for the lovely John at Going Gently, he is grieving for the end of his marriage.

I'm head sore from trying to deal with other crap that is going on that is not really my concern but I'm getting dragged into willy nilly.

Wednesday 18 July 2018

Lights, camera, action

There have been some strange goings on near where we are moored. There has been some very professional looking security manning a five bar gate.
I've looked on Google maps and it just shows a blank space though there is at least one house there.
This evening there are generators running and lots of bright lights, they must be filming something.
I shall be nosy tomorrow and see what I can find out.

Sunday 15 July 2018


We've moved the boat today and filled the water tank. This entailed going through a lock and a swing bridge, winding,( turning round) and then back through the bridge and lock. I helped a few other boats through whilst CHS was filling the water tank, no mean feat in this heat.

We then walked back to collect the car and parked it nearer the boat. We will stay a week before we move again.

Yesterday I arrived back in the evening after feeding Ds's cats to find two women on bikes standing by the five bar gate. As I went to open it one of them that it was unsafe to enter the field. When I asked why she told me that there were bulls in the field. I told her there were no bulls there but she was adamant. She pointed to one of the cows with its huge horns, she was certain it was a bull. Looking at it carefully I explained that as it had no penis or testicles but that it did have udders, I was certain it was a cow. As I went to open the gate she asked why I was so determined to walk through the field. I pointed to my boat and explained that I was intending to sleep on it and not on the side of the road.

I blame the film Barnyard, it showed all the cows, male and female with udders, believe me, bulls do not have udders!

Saturday 14 July 2018

An abundance of male genitalia

Today CHS helped DD1, Helen marshal a local village bike ride, all the riders seemed to be men and the lycra leaves very little to the imagination. 

I stayed home with my four year old grandchildren. I was not a successful carer, I managed to break a glass and mislay a grandchild. The little bugger was prancing around the front garden naked!!

Whilst I was there a rather scary letter arrived for me. I have to phone on Monday for more information!

Wednesday 11 July 2018

Busy week

I have a busy few days ahead, today I did my Drivetech course, fed DS's cats and used his washing machine.

Tomorrow I'm looking after Dgd whilst DD2 is working, feeding Ds's cats and watering his garden. I will take Dgd with me in the morning as Ds's cats are friendly and placid and dgd is gentle. I will visit them again before I collect CHS from work.

Friday it's shopping and cat care.

Saturday CHS is helping DD1 with race marshalling whilst I'm taking care of her four year old twins, I need to visit Ds's cats before and after this.

Sunday cat care and boat moving, phew!

Tuesday 10 July 2018

Moving about a lot.

I've always moved about a lot, my mother could never settle so we moved a fair bit as a family.
I was born in Sleaford in Lincolnshire I lived in Ruskington for a year, then moved to Sleaford and lived there until I was eight.

From there we moved to Mitcham then to Colliers Wood then to South Wimbledon, Southfields and then to Merton.

My parents split up and I moved to Bracknell to live with my grandparents until I was 16.

I then moved into a bedsit just down the road from Wandsworth nick.

By now my mother had moved to Bristol and wanted me to live with her again so I moved to Cotham in Bristol then to St Andrews and then on to Patchway when I married.

After a year of marriage my husband applied for and got a job in Slough so we moved to Burnham.

He changed jobs after a few years and we moved to Finchampstead. Once my business took off we moved to a bigger house in Finchampstead.

I left my husband one week after our last child left home and moved into a  rented flat in Wokingham, after 6 months two of my children wanted to move in with me so I moved to a rented three bed house also in Wokingham.

Once my divorce was finalised I bought a house, Wokingham was out of my price range so I moved to Reading.

Now I'm living on my boat and with no home mooring we are classed as constant cruisers this means the longest we can stay anywhere is two weeks, sometimes we can only stay for 24/48 hours.

Thursday 5 July 2018

Her old family

DGD Suzy & I have spent a lot of time together this week as DD has been working more.
One morning we were in the park, she'd played on lots of the equipment and than sat with me on a bench to have a drink.
She started to tell me about her old family, she has mentioned them before but only in passing, it seems being in the park reminded her.

In her old family she wasn't called Suzy, she had five sisters and two brothers, one of her brothers was called Gio.
Her mummy had yellow hair and her daddy's hair was dark brown.
One day they all went to the park and Suzy fell asleep so her old family left her there.
When she woke up she was sad, she played alone for a while and then she met Eileen (her sister from this family). Suzy followed Eileen home and so got her new mummy & daddy.
Suzy is not fostered she is DD2's daughter.

Tuesday 3 July 2018

Six Dinner Sid

The cat that was wandering along the gunwales reappeared at regular intervals.
CHS was beginning to worry in case it was hungry.
I temped it closer with a bribe of sardines.
I was able to make a fuss of it and assess its condition.
It's not skinny, it's not dehydrated, it's coat is soft and fluffy.
It appears to be well cared for.
I'm assuming it is the local Six Dinner Sid!

Monday 2 July 2018

Itches and bites

DD1 is sometimes asked to do short term daycare by social services.
Recently she had a child for just 3 afternoons, it can vary, sometimes it's more than one child. If I'm free I'll go and help.
I do not blog about these children as it wouldn't be appropriate.

I helped out recently though and realised a couple of days later that I had got nits, DD often gets them. Neither of us would refuse to cuddle a baby or toddler in need of reassurance.

No sooner had I got rid of the nits when I went to Ds's, a stray cat had got into his house, I persuaded it to leave after a while, unfortunately not before it had infested Ds's cats and carpets with fleas. I have an anklet if flea bites round each leg.

Sunday 1 July 2018

An assortment of bedfellows

Yesterday was sitting day.

I was babysitting my three dgd's as DD2 was out. I sat from 7 until 1 a.m.

Before I went to DD's I stopped for a couple of hours at DS2's to keep his cats company for a while, he has taken three other grandchildren camping. I used his machine to wash come clothes and towels, cleaned up some cat sick and had cuddles with the cats.

I took the wet clothes to DD's to dry as Ds's washing line wasn't up.

One dgd had trouble getting to sleep so I lay beside her stroking her hair until she dropped off.

Then I went downstairs and read my kindle, I'll admit to snoozing a little as I'm usually in bed way before 1 a.m. at some point DD's dog snuggled up beside me as I slept.

Once DD2 arrived home I went back to DS'S, I decided not to attempt the towpath and gangplank so slept in DS'S spare bed, I was joined by one of his cats who decided I must have visited just to provide stroke and cuddles.

Lights out again!

Yet again our on-site lights have failed! I'm up and dressed and about to visit our site manager who is due here today. Last time this h...