Friday, 10 December 2021


 Yesterday we planned to have breakfast at the cafe on the wharf, it's a bit far for Steve to walk but he manages it because the sitting down for breakfast gives him a rest. Unfortunately when we got there they were not open so we had to return home. What a disappointment. Steve was knackered by the time we got home. I cooked him breakfast though by now it was lunchtime. Beano was equally disappointed as I usually share my sausage with him when we eat at the cafe.

It took a while to convince Steve to accept that he could have breakfast when we got home, he gets very fixed ideas. He would have eaten breakfast in the cafe at 11 but having to wait until we got home meant he'd be eating breakfast at 12:30. He got in a bit of a panic because he normally eats lunch at 1:30 and couldn't work out how he could eat at 12:30 &1:30. I explained that we'd call it brunch and then he could eat again at 5:30/6. Eventually I convinced him this would be ok. He gets confused and worried about the strangest things.

we both got confused when doing our last online shop, we needed kitchen roll, Steve was scrolling through the shelf of kitchen roll and selected one. I looked at it and said "Don't get Plenty," to which Steve replied, "I'm not, I'm just getting two". A few minutes confusion ensued until I explained to him that Plenty was the make of kitchen roll that I didn't want him to buy as it's too expensive, not a quantity.


lindsey said...

I get the impression that your life is full of little frustrations. Maybe it is just as well that we don’t know what life holds in store for us. After all, we have to accept whatever life deals us and I’m impressed with how you deal with things. Does having a dog make things easier for you? Taking him for walks, meeting other people, etc? I love having our dogs and they certainly make me leave the house, no matter what 🦮

Chris said...

I often have the same problem of "too late for breakfast but too early for lunch" as I often have to be somewhere when I would normally be eating breakfast at home. Also, I hate to skip a meal!

Jaccs said...

Oh you do make me chuckle,poor Steve not getting plenty lol, and Beano forgoing his sausage, bless!! At least Steve got his all day breakfast thanks to you, although not much of a break for you, keep safe and never lose that humour xx


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