Sunday, 5 December 2021

Oh rats!

Someone on the marina will insist on feeding the birds, he has numerous bits feeders hung on the trees beside his boat. He is also supporting a huge family of very large sleek and well fed rats.

The staff installed rat traps, he destroyed them.

Eventually he was told he would be evicted if he continued to feed the rats. 

I think he's stopped now but there are still a lot of rats around.

I'm not afraid of the rats but they do a lot of damage if they get into a boat.


flis said...

I stopped feeding the birds here-I always did for years until I saw a rat hanging onto the feeder-at first I thought it was a squirrel but then realised it wasn't-I don't feed them now but I feel guilty not doing so x

Siebrie said...

We had 1 rat in our home and it took us 3 months to catch him. It didn't help that I wanted to discuss ways to catch it with my husband and he kept postponing until 'next weekend' and then spent it with this mistress.... I should have taken action sooner, but he kept insisting he would take care of it, and then bailed again and again.


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