Monday, 13 December 2021

Boat life

I watch one film a week as it then seems like a real treat.

Last night the gas ran out whilst I was cooking tea, this meant donning hats, coats and gloves and clambering out on to the prow to the gas locker.

I held the torch whilst Steve swapped the tanks over. 

This morning I woke up needing the toilet, only to find the black water tank was full. We were expecting the gas tank to run out but we thought the black water tank to last until Friday, Hey ho, all part of the joys of boat life. 

I was planning a bus trip today but that won't happen as we will have to get the black water tank pumped out. By the time it's done Steve will be wiped out and need to rest.

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A Smaller Life said...

Thanks for answering :-)

I think you should ramp it up in the final run up to Christmas ... 2 this week and 3 the next, or will it drive Steve mad?


Steve thinks cruising with friends would be too much for us and he could be right. Personally I think the cruise he has planned will be too ...