Sunday, 28 November 2021

Minus 3

 It's cold, here

Definitely Motown weather, as in I shall wear four tops today.

Chris, Beano's bus ticket cost £1 for an all day busabout ticket.

Yesterday it was so windy there were waves on the canal.

I need to clean the fridge out today, ready for a supermarket delivery this morning.

Siebre, the previous owners had used that , we are still trying to clean the black sticky residue off the window frames. When we replaced the curtains we purchased ones with thermal blackout linings, they are a definite improvement.

Neither of us have had any reaction to our booster jabs so I'm glad we've had them. I greatly appreciate living in a country and time where vaccines are readily available. I'm old enough to remember the terror of polio before the vaccine was available. 


Ellen D. said...

I like your clever "Motown" weather joke! I hadn't heard that before!

diana mcdougall said...

Hi! Yes I also clearly remember the anxietY about polio way back when !

50 and counting said...

Whenever I have somebody rant on about the Covid vaccine being experimental, I ask them if their parents had them vaccinated against Polio. They usually change the conversation.

JacquieB said...

Dog tickets on the buses here are 'All Day Rovers'

JanF said...

" All Day Rovers' is a very clever name!
We tried to take our grown Labrador on the bus one day. He had never been before but was a very easy going dog- but he refused to go up the stairs and there was a huge palaver as we held everyone up. In the end the dog won and we walked 3 miles into town!


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