Thursday, 25 November 2021

A five day hangover

I've felt extremely under the weather for the last few days.

Totally self inflicted and I should know better at my age.

Whilst celebrating my birthday I overindulged in alcohol.

Prosecco to be precise, a glass and a half, small glasses at that!

Today is the first day I've felt better.

Today we went for our covid boosters. It took all morning, we had to catch two buses each way, they run hourly so there was a long wait between then. We travelled eight miles and it took almost five hours. It's a bloody nuisance not driving.


Chris said...

I'm sure it was worth the effort to get your booster shot. I'm not eligible until January (six months after my second shot) even though I am almost 80! Dreading the day I have to give up my car - hope it is still quite a bit in the future.

flis said...

A glass and a half sounds such a small amount to make you unwell-I don't drink at all-over 12 years-still get headaches regularly though x

Col said...

Glad to know that you're finally emerging from your hangover!
I'm a lightweight too, and as I hardly ever drink, when I do indulge at all, it takes me ages to recover! I was told many years ago, that if you stir Champagne with a swizzle stick to take the bubbles out, you can drink more of it without getting tipsy! That's why I have a silver swizzle stick attached to my key ring! I drink Champagne rather than Prosecco, it's not a snobby thing, I've just never tasted a Prosecco that I like. As I drink so little anyway, even drinking good Champagne doesn't work out to be very expensive as it happens so rarely!
We had our boosters two weeks ago, but had the luxury of not having to use public transport, the thought of giving up the cars is too awful to contemplate! We live a long, long walk from a bus route, so we're hoping to run at least one car for many years yet!
Are you prepared for the cold snap which is apparently headed our way? We had new triple glazed windows fitted a few weeks ago, so we're hoping they make a difference this winter, the windows which were here when we moved in were double glazed, but old, and not at all effective!
Take care! X

Siebrie said...

Hester, for these types of travel, would a taxi be an option?

Mindo said...

I’m glad you’ve been able to get your boosters, even if it was such a trek! I’d be inclined to get a taxi, if only for the return journey as waiting around for buses in cold weather is no joke.

Debby said...

I am glad you were able to get your booster. I'm a real 'light weight' when it comes to drinking too.

Hard up Hester said...

We will probably book a taxi next time.

Col we have stocked up on coal, I hope your windows make a difference, we have single glazed windows. We priced up double glazing but it would be cheaper to buy a new boat!

Flis, they were little tiny tulip glasses too.

Siebrie said...

There is a cheap type of insulation where the double glass is faked: doublesided tape around the window, sturdy clingfilm attached to that, leave for 24 hours, then heat with a hairdryer so it pulls tjght and becomes clear. Done correctly, it's completely seethrough. It comes in a set, usually Aldi has them once a year.


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