Tuesday, 26 October 2021

Three old ladies got

locked in the lavatory. Actually only one did and that was me when I was at my daughter 's house. One of the granddaughter 's managed to find a coin and rescue me.

I've felt rough for a few days, nothing specific, just a bit bleurgh and wiped out so I did very little and I'm feeling better now.

I'm having to limit my reading, I'm straining my eyes despite using the biggest font on my kindle.

I've weeded out some of the blogs I read, one in particular I feel seems to lost their grip on reality. A few others no longer write about subjects that interest me.

I've started listening to podcasts in the evening once Steve has gone to bed. I don't listen to them during the day as I can't hear Steve if he is talking to me.

Reading has always been a passion of mine and I'm really struggling to fill the hours without it. Resting my eyes also means limiting YouTube and catchup tv as I use subtitles when I watch them.


Dc said...

We have moved our chairs closer to the tv (and fire) as my eyes are starting to ache even with glasses.

Angela said...

Well done, granddaughter. Nowadays all loos are supposed to be fitted with locks which can be opened from the outside with a coin, in case of emergencies. A variation on the old phrase 'spend a penny'!

Sue in Suffolk said...

Both toilets in my bungalow had those locks but the people before me must have taken them out and stuffed the hole that's left with a bit of paper! Means neither loo has a lock - good job I'm on my own most of the time

Moira said...

Hi my library does audio books which I find useful when I am knitting. My daughter who is very busy and dyslexic also finds them very good to listen to when she is driving.

Debby said...

You've really been struggling. I'm sorry to read this. Here, if you have a vision problem, you can apply to a government program which provides a audio player and you can select audio books for a month at a time. Send them back when you are done and get more. Does the UK have anything like that?


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