Saturday, 23 October 2021


Today I achieved nothing, I had great plans, I was going to sort out the last kitchen cupboard. 

It contains all the crockery, mixing bowls, measuring jugs, enamel dishes etc.

I walked Beano this morning and it was such an effort, I was very unsteady and tripped a few times. I think I need to consider using a stick when my balance is that bad. There weren't many bits of me that didn't ache.

When I got back to the boat Steve was up and we hauled the boat along a few yards to make room for another boat that needed to moor up.

I transferred the food needed for today and tomorrow, from the freezer to the fridge and then made coffee. I sat down with my coffee and apart from cooking a meal and walking Beano I sat down for the rest of the day. I couldn't even be bothered to knit, sew or crochet.

I took advantage of the strong Wi-Fi signal and watched the first episode of the new series of Perez and a couple of episodes of Sherlock.

We will be back in the marina soon and the signal there is very poor so I cannot watch tv. We still haven't got a new aerial!


Col said...

Please start using a stick!
My balance is dreadful now, and I'm only 64, so I really don't want to use a stick, but know I'm approaching that point very quickly.
When people see my husband holding my hand, they may think it's romantic, partly it is, but mostly he's keeping me upright!
I've always had weak ankles, and the ability to trip over a cat hair, but now I worry about tripping, as last time I fell, I hurt myself badly!
I have a 'walking pole' which I use for rougher terrain, (I feel less self conscious than with an 'old biddy' stick) but I'm starting to consider a folding walking stick for other occasions.
You need to be safe on your feet, especially as a non swimmer living in very close proximity to water, so please do get yourself a stick, and USE it, even if only to batter lycra clad idiots with!
What is it that Bette Davis said? "Old age ain’t no place for sissies"!
Take care, Col X

Rambler said...

Just don't use a stick when walking the gang-plank!!! Sorry! Couldn't resist that; I had a vision of you plonking your stick down and missing the gang-plank, then diving in the canal.
I'm coming round to the idea of using a stick because my sight is not so good and I can't see if the ground is uneven. I know if I fell, I'd be unable to get up again.

JanF said...

My husband (81)has begun to use a stick and finds it helpful. On the rare occasion we actually go for 1/4 mile walk he uses two hiking poles and can move fast with those. He has had several falls and in each case they happened when he was turning around, so now he is trying to be super careful when he turns.
You are so active it's good for you to take a little 'down time' once in a while. I am always amazed at how much you accomplish.


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