Tuesday, 19 October 2021

In the marina

 We came into the marina as Steve was worried about the solar readings.

The engineer checked everything over, there is nothing wrong it's just Steve being over anxious.

We had intended to leave today but it's been extremely windy and now we have heavy rain and possible thunder.

I've been vacuuming and working my way through the washing, not both at the same time, even when plugged into shore power I can either have the immersion heater on or the vacuum or the washing machine. I have worked my way through all the cupboards, throwing stuff away, cleaning the inside of the cupboards and putting stuff back neatly.


Chris said...

Sounds like you accomplished a lot today, Hester. Well done!

JanF said...

You always keep so busy. You must be in great shape. I do admire you.

My Piece of Earth said...

Everything will be spic and span, inside and out, good for you. I did my food cupboards last week and threw out some old stuff, too old to use. Hated doing it, but not taking the chance to have food poisoning.

lindsey said...

If you have some spare time on your hands my cupboards also need sorting out. We are in Northern Ireland so it may be a fair sail for you but you would always be welcome.


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