Saturday, 16 October 2021

I'm no saint

The air was blue with muttered invective during the curtain shortening but I know so many wives who's husband's are unable to do the simplest task with out assistance.

Yesterday we had a pub lunch courtesy of Steve's brother, fish and chips, I had a small portion, it was delicious.

We caught up with news on his family and on our investment in the properties he's building. The first block of 8 apartments is finished and the apartments are either sold and occupied or SSTC. There are six more being built either side that that have just been started. He was aiming at the first time buyer market but has found that they are being purchased by people downsizing some of whom have suggested more storage space would be useful. So the next properties are being built with that in mind. We will receive the return on our investment within the next few weeks.

We are moving tomorrow, Steve thinks there may be a problem with the solar  panels so we will stay in the marina for a couple of days to get them checked out. I shall spend the two days running the washing machine, vacuum and having a shower and washing my hair without having to boil the kettle!


JanF said...

Great news on your investments. We had fish and chips yesterday at the Alaska Ferry Terminal, gorgeous view of our bay.
I love the curtains and was very impressed at how you sew, I thought they would be just simple rectangles!

Frugal in Derbyshire said...

Good to hear someone is building with first time buyers in mind. So much development is for larger houses that young people can only aspire to


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