Saturday, 2 October 2021

KFC for breakfast!

 No, not me, Beano.

We we're mooching along on his morning walk when I realised he was crunching on something. He gave it up without too much of a struggle, it was a chunk of KFC. I know this because there was a full tub of it along with two plates, a bottle of ketchup and assorted empty drinks cans and bottles.

I collected it all up and placed it in a nearby bin, much to Beano's disgust, he really couldn't understand why such largesse wasn't shared with him!

I often collect rubbish when I'm out for a walk, the strangest item I ever found was a pair of foreceps!


flis said...

I should collect litter walking and I did for a while before I got my last dog but now have my hands full with them all-my lovely lily likes poo x

Chris said...

I used to love KFC until a colleague told me how it was prepared. She worked there one summer and said it was very unsanitary and lots of other disgusting things. It may have improved by now.

LameWolf said...

Flis I feel your pain! I have two dogs staying with me currently; if I let them into the garden for toilet duties, I have to be right behind Peggy with a poo-bag, because if Sunny gets to it first, the dirty little tyke eats it.
A former regular guest, Cassie (may she rest in peace) used to pick up poo that other dog owners had failed to clean up, and many's the occasion I had to put my fingers in her mouth to remove what she was about to eat.


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