Monday, 4 October 2021

Dont poke me

Keth I bought them from M&S, they were about £20, but so warm and safe.

 I finally managed to collect Beano's prescription this morning, it's taken ages to arrange. A weeks worth of phone calls trying to arrange a telephone consultation. Then finally a text saying an appointment had her made for 10:30 . We arrived today to be told there was no trace of the appointment, the implication being I'd made a mistake. I showed the text on my phone and I finally saw the vet, collected the prescription. £158 for 3 months, I shall try to get a paper copy next time and order online.

We walked back through the park where Beano met up with a deerhound and a Rottie. The Rottie got a bit over enthusiastic and poked Beano with a paw the size of a dinner plate. Beano did not approve and chased the Rottie round a few times but eventually they played together nicely.a

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ana s. said...

Had the same thing happen when we scheduled a visit to get a flu shot. Receptionist said they were not giving them until October. I had the email on my phone and just when I started to get loud and angry, the pharmacist corrected the girl and said, Yes we are giving flu shots. Good thing or no telling how long I would have spent being angry with them.


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