Wednesday, 27 October 2021

Moving day.

If it's not raining tomorrow we will move back to the marina.

Once there I will have hot water on tap without boiling the kettle and unlimited use of the vacuum cleaner.

I shall also be able to tidy and dust the bedroom as we should be able to get the bedroom lights to work.

I'm hoping there will be some nice people staying in the marina but sometimes there are just empty boats, in which case it's going to be a long boring winter.

I've also cut out some felt hanging ornaments and large and small gnomes, I can't see to see they in the poor light on the boat but once on shore power I shall be able to run a brighter light during the evenings.

1 comment:

Chris said...

Sounds like you are already getting set for Christmas as I'm guessing the gnomes aren't garden ornaments!


The tap is not really clean there is still a lot of scale on it. I can't get a toothbrush or bottle brush in the gap. Unfortunately the ...