Tuesday, 28 September 2021


To be fair we find fisherman and canoeists both as bad as each other. 

Not all of them obviously but I've had a fisherman tell me the canals weren't built for boats. 

I've had canoes launched practically under my bows and been screamed at to stop IMMEDIATELY. Canal boats can't do anything immediately.

My pet hate is cyclists, not the people who are out for a cycle ride but those who dress in lycra and terrify dogs and small children and treat the towpath as a race track!

Amongst the narrow boat community, I find the fragrant boaters the most annoying.

What is a fragrant boater I hear you ask?

These are usually on widebeams, they are a couple, he is of mature years, invariably pompous and frequently wearing a twat hat (a fake captain's cap).

She is dressed neither for the weather or for boating. Her goosepimples are covered only in swathes of diaphanous chiffon, her feet shod in strappy stilettos. These two navigate their way along the canals  cheerfully leaving every lock paddle up, every lock gate open and every swing bridge open!

This leave twice the work for whoever is following them


Col said...

'Fragrant Boaters', what a glorious description! I used to often go through Boulter's Lock at Maidenhead in the 70's with a good friend and her husband, where we spent many a happy hour giggling hysterically at the old men with trophy wives quaffing "Shampoo Darling"!
Of course the canals were not built for boats, whatever gave you that idea, you poor, silly, brainless woman!!!!!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
You're obviously a far more patient woman than me, I'd have drowned a few obnoxious fishermen/canoeists by now! X

A Smaller Life said...

I LOVE that a fisherman had the cheek to say that canals weren't built for boats ... what the absolute heck!! Haha, brilliant my best laugh of the day up to now.

Jaccs said...

Cyclists in Lycra who speed past in an arrogant manner, need to be thrown into room 101 and throw away the key, as for the fragrant boaters, I bet they are the same couples who drive open top cars in the Summer lol 😂


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