Friday, 17 September 2021

Civilisation at last

We are finally moored somewhere with a good Wi-Fi signal.

So what's been happening since I last posted.

We are no longer travelling with friends, they are staying near Devizes at for work and to stay near family.

I shall miss them dreadfully. As I am no longer driving I will be very isolated this winter. 

Steve is very stressed when we travel, he refuses to accept that he's finding it difficult and so blames me for not following instructions. He cannot accept that most of his instructions are incomprehensible. I am frequently tempted to slap him upside the head!

This has been the view from the windows on one side.


                This is the view on the other side.

                                We've had days like this and days like this.

                             I've made more wind spinners.


flis said...

I know someone only too well who says they are stressed at the smallest of things which I tried to understand and pacify matters to no avail-it affected my health so avoid the best I can-but in a house I expect there's a bit more room-More time nipping out stretching your legs with your lovely Beano might help before a heavy kettle may slip off the top shelf x

Chris said...

I do commiserate with you, I found living in Suffolk in the lockdown horrid, here in S Wales it's so different. I love every day, we've been out for coffee this morning and sat outside a café on the front promenade and enjoyed the view and people watched and the coffee was good too.


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