Friday, 10 September 2021

Cold and wet again.

After a very brief heatwave we are back to cold, wet weather.

Beano had a very long walk this morning, two and a half hours up into the hills above the village where there are beautiful views across the valley, he is now sleeping soundly.

We are using our extra long and wide gang plank, it can be difficult to moor on the K&A there are limited place with visitor moorings or armco. There is room for four boats on the nearby 48 hour moorings, three boats have been there for two weeks. The edges of the canal are very shallow so boats end up moored a long way from the bank, a long gang plank is a great help.

I'm making more twirlies now as a change from scrunchies, I'm gradually drowning under piles of crochet.


Ellen D. said...

Do you ever think of moving to live on land again and selling the boat? You do seem to make the best out of living on a boat but it often sounds like a hard life. You enjoy travel and keeping busy so I can see why it suits you!

The Weaver of Grass said...

I must say your gang plank looks a rather posh affair.

Chris said...

Well done, Beano (and you!) for all that exercise. I would love to have seen the views you were treated to!

Col said...

Why don't the CRT move people on who have been moored for too long? If the boat is empty, surely they could tow it away!
What exactly do they do for their money? Apart from constantly redesigning their logo!
You're a better woman than me, there's no way on earth that I would tackle that gangplank, although I do have an absolutely awful sense of balance! X

Sarah Spurrier said...

The walk sounds blissful. I like a good walk in the fresh air sometimes and Beano sounds perfect company


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