Tuesday, 14 June 2022

Not dead yet

Morning all.

I'm still around, still wobbly and the Wi-Fi here is pretty ropey.

I've managed some knitting, it's a super bulky yarn so fairly easy to knit with.

Steve's adamant we are going on the Thames, I can see it being fraught with problems, if we get stuck I shall abandon ship and leave him to it.


Lyssa Medana said...

Sending hugs. As for the Thames - sooner him than me! Good luck.

Rambler said...

Does he not listen to you at all? What if you said, "NO! We're NOT going on the Thames because you and I are not fit enough to cope."
From what you say on your blog, it's obvious that he is a different man since his stroke and cannot make considered decisions. This idea could prove very dangerous and he needs to realise it.
I hope you can manage to convince him.

Ellen D. said...

You are a strong woman to manage all your troubles. I am sorry you have so much to cope with and hope you get a break. Is there family you can visit for a little relaxing rest?

Its lovely here

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