Thursday 1 December 2022

Almost there.

I'm packing boxes and Beano is stressed, he's not sure what is going on.

Steve is at the new flat and bombarding me with messages, it seems the immersion doesn't work.

Nemmind it will all get sorted eventually.

Bob is moving us tomorrow.

I've no idea how many trips it will take as I've no idea how big his  van is.

Steve is panicking as usual, he's attempting to pay the council tax and electric bill immediately but the place has been empty for 6 months and the electric wasn't turned off. I'd rather approach things slowly and  check them out. Steve thinks we will be evicted if we don't pay the bills before we move in.


Barbara Anne said...

Big hugs! Hope everything goes perfectly tomorrow, that all fits where its supposed to be put, and that the bed is delivered so there is a comfy place to sleep when you can.

More hugs!

Col said...

Did you read your electric meter the day of completion? Make sure the developers haven't been using all sorts of power and left the bill to you! You cannot possibly owe much, as no matter who used the power while the place has been empty, it sure as Hell can't be you!
Just ignore Steve and his worries as much as you are able, although that's easier said than done, I know.........
Take your time during the actual move, sit down whenever you get the chance, have lots of drink breaks, and make sure you have something easy to prepare for the evening meal! When we moved into this bungalow, we were a few years younger than you are, and were helped by our son and several of his rugby playing mates, and we were still knackered at the end of the day, so look after yourself, and if anyone offers to help, let them!!!
Take care, almost there now, the finishing line is well within sight........
Col X

Ellen D. said...

You must be used to going about life and doing what you know needs doing while not paying attention to Steve's fretting. How nice that you will finally be able to settle in your new flat. Good luck!

Marjorie said...

Hugs and wishing you an uneventful move. More hugs.

Rambler said...

Oh dear! Steve's behaviour is not making life easy, is it? Are any of your family able to come and help with the move, even if someone can come and fill a car with Steve's clothes etc,?
You really do need a few extra men to carry stuff from van to flat.
Wishing you well and hoping it all gets done. (((((((hugs)))))))

Sue said...

Can you even BE evicted from a property that you own? I think you should remind Steve of this.

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