Thursday 1 December 2022

Will we won't we?

Today is moving day, that is as long as Bob remembers as he is moving us! 

He can be a little flakey, Steve told him to get here by 9,  I've no idea why as I can't see Steve getting up before 10!

I don't know how big his camper van is so I don't know how many trips it will take, plus it is a long walk from the car park to the flat.

What will be will be, either way Steve will end up in a strop.

Steve hasn't packed any of his stuff yet, he is of the  the mistaken opinion that he travels light and has very little in the way of belongings. There is a very full double wardrobe and single wardrobe in the bedroom plus drawers. That's just his clothes, all mine fitted in a single drawer and  on three coat hangers!


Poppy and Me said...

Good luck today, at last you should be in a warm comfortable home hugs from Val x

Col said...

When my late FiL was moving into a flat, he had a professional removals company, as he told my husband that he didn't trust him not to break things! We have no idea why, as husband has never broken anything belonging to his father. Then again, FiL was a truly horrible man, so nothing really surprised me.
The removal team phoned my husband late morning to say that FiL had not packed anything at all, clothes still in wardrobes, shower gel still on shelf in bathroom, foodstuffs still in cupboards etc. He was sitting down in the living room watching TV, and would not lift a finger to help. He seemed to think that all he had to do was walk out of the house, lock the door, and hand over the keys. He was an absolute nightmare to get moved, so I have a great understanding of how difficult it will be for you with Steve. Of course, Steve has his problems through no fault of his own, whereas FiL was just a nasty, demanding, lazy git!

Ellen D. said...

Hope the moving is over by now and everything went well!

Sue said...

Oh gosh, it all sounds so hit and miss. I hope you are coping with all this; you have the patience of a saint!!

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