Sunday 18 December 2022

I'm back

I've updated my kindle and I lost my login for blogger and Facebook. I've finally got around to sorting it all out.

Also Beano has got a very sore pad as our car park was covered in salt. As we've spent years living in a boat I didn't realise that Beano has real problems with the grit/salt that is spread around to stop people falling. I will be more careful from now on. Beano has shoes on order and I'm washing his feet regularly. You can imagine how happy he is about  the washing and I don't think he will like the shoes either! It's currently raining so Beano has no interest in going out until it stops.

Steve is as usual extremely grumpy, he hates the rain, winter, the neighbours, the weather, christmas, me, my family, the flat, the food he bought when he went shopping,  yadda, yadda, yadda.

We have a Tesco order arriving today and another piece of furniture, Steve can put it together and carry on complaining!


Sue said...

Yes there were warnings on social media about animals paws and the salt/grit that is spread these days, seemingly there is something in it that is very bed for their pads and even worse if they lick it off. Maybe just a very wet flannel kept by the door ready to wipe his feet as you come it would be acceptable to him.

How lovely of you to order something else for Steve to complain about ... we have to look after these men of ours don't we. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Steve will never be content. It's moaning that keeps him going, I think.
I hope you are glad that you are not on a boat now and are beginning to settle in to the new place. Nothing is perfect in this world but it sounds as though it has much more to offer for an easier life.

ana s. said...

My mother in law is a complainer. She just cannot see anything or anyone in a pleasant light. Or maybe she just lets it out when her son is around and it drives him away. You are a very patient and loving person.

Funny thing is she is warm, fed, entertained, has friends, can see and hear and still complains just like Steve. They cannot realize just how good they have it.

Jaccs said...

Oh bless you and poor Beano, I’m trying to imagine him with shoes on and it’s making me giggle,m.
Is there any medication Steve can take to relax him? He is always on panic mode, I wonder if some anxiety meds could help him.
What d are you two going to do for Christmas? You need a bit of lightness to the occasion, I hope you will be spending it with other loved ones?
Take care Jacqui x

Rambler said...

Good to see you're back and able to resume blogging. However, it's sad to see how badly Steve's stroke is affecting him. A pity there isn't a magic medication that could replace these effects with a sunny disposition. It must be so hard for you to constantly endure such gloom and bad temper.
Have a (((((hug))))) - Rosemary

Catsngrams said...

I love your blog. My husband is also a complainer and I am so glad that there is someone else out there who suffers like I do. He and his brother went to put flowers on the other brother's grave. So having some peace and quiet today. Take care and Merry Christmads.

marlane said...

I think Steve needs a mood booster LOL

Margaret said...

Pleased to hear you are settling in to the new place. Hope that Beanie adjusts to his shoes.
Merry Christmas to you all

Col said...

Oh, poor little Beano! We had a Bearded Collie (long before they were popular) and if she went out in snow, she'd build up little snowballs on the hair between her pads. We used to stand her in a big bowl of warm water when we got home, to melt the mini snowballs!
I know Steve's extreme grumpiness is caused by his stroke, therefore not his fault, and he probably doesn’t realise how bad it is. However, do you feel that he'd perhaps respond to a good telling off, perhaps by a son rather than just 'another woman nagging'?
It's really no way for you to have to live, and something needs to be done about it fairly soon. Would he be prepared to have some sort of CBT, or similar? Or would he just think they were all idiots too?
Sending virtual hugs, and a virtual slap for Steve!
Take care,
Col X

Ellen D. said...

Hoping the weather won't be too awful for the holiday weekend coming up. I worry about people traveling safely. Hope you have family fun for the holidays!

flis said...

I'm not qualified of course but when my dogs paws are dry I put some coconut oil from a jar which is
cheap from aldi which as I understandingnn is safe usually for dogs x

marlane said...

U oh did you have too many comments about Steve .

Cheryl Seaman said...

Oh, dear! It is sad that nothing seems to make him happy. I've been going through a bit of a depression myself and it is hard to climb out of. I know that isn't his problem, just feel a bit of a kinship with him. Poor Beano! Sore feet or shoes... wish we could explain things to them and vice versa! Are you getting a chance to meet the neighbors and explore the neighborhood?

Anonymous said...

Beano is so cute. I hope his paws are ok this winter. I hope you have a happyChristmas.

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