Wednesday, 7 December 2022

Do i need a microwave?

Do I need a microwave? I've managed without one for years as there was no room in either of the boats. But Jennie bought me one and it is useful. I'm hoping to persuade Steve to extend the kitchen work surface and then there would be room as my microwave is quite small. Weirdly the work surface in the kitchen only covers part of the wall, it's a very strange layout that I'm hoping to improve on. I know Steve is intending to buy another fridge as he finds it inconvenient having food in the fridge as it limits the amount of beer he fit in.

I'm waiting to hear if Jennie needs me to care for Jojo today Jojo is unwell and has been off school. But Jennie is only allowed two days of paid leave and she's really not in a position to manage without pay. So if Jojo is still unwell I shall go over to sit with her.

Flis, it's hard work caring for someone isn't it, especially when they no longer seen like the person they were.

Thank you all for your kind comments, I do appreciate them and I'm hoping to get more organised and reply more regularly.


Anonymous said...

I think you are brilliant and are managing a really difficult time in your life
with Grace

Angela said...

I hope you will find your microwave becomes increasingly useful. They're so energy efficient. Mine gets used for heating milk (custard, hot drinks) canned stuff (baked beans, soup) Small quantities of boiled veg, jacket potatoes, reheating leftovers. Quick sponge puds in Pyrex bowls, baked apples... And reheating Christmas puds.

ana s. said...

We love our microwave to quickly and cheaply heat up leftovers. Hard for me to make something for only two people so I will package the leftovers for lunch or dinner. My husband is on board with this. I have also made cake in a mug, heated up cold coffee, defrosted soup for lunch, etc. It is used more than our oven. Comment on beer: the excess beer can live outside the fridge until shortly before needed. So sorry you have to deal with an irrational Steve.

A Smaller Life said...

I live in a tiny space and managed without a microwave for a while, but then I found that having one would make a lot of the things that I do so much easier and cheaper AND create less washing up for me when reheating leftovers. So I have just got one and I find I am using it so much already ... even if it is balanced on the end of my desk space.

If Steve got himself a drinks fridge you could put your microwave on top and you then will both be happy.

Col said...

Can you persuade Steve to get himself a tiny fridge to keep his beer in? We used to have one at work, one of our staff had many, many allergies, so all of her foodstuffs were kept in the mini fridge to keep her safe. They can be bought for less than £50, and usually fit about six cans. Or, better still, he could always drink less, or at least drink real ale that is better served at room temperature!
I wonder why the developers only put the worktop halfway along the wall? Were they perhaps trying to leave space for a breakfast table?
I'm sure that you'll find your microwave increasingly useful, mine is used for all sorts of things, and, as Angela (above) says, they're incredibly energy efficient! I've started cooking boiled rice in my microwave, it turns out beautifully fluffy, and I love baked potatoes, firstly cooked through in microwave, then 8-10 mins in air fryer to get that lovely crispy outside!
Are you starting to feel 'at home' in the flat now? I was thinking about you earlier this morning, and how cold you used to be on the boat. I was standing at the kitchen window with a mug of coffee, looking out at the frosty garden and imagining how much warmer you must be in the flat!
I hope Jojo's feeling much better today!
Take care,
Col X

Ellen D. said...

I use my microwave all the time and think you will like having one. Can you find a small rolling cart or table that you can put it on? Or they sell small kitchen islands that have extra storage beneath. Maybe that would fit into your kitchen out of the way. A little mini fridge for Steve's beer might keep him happy...
You'll work it out - you are good at that!

Barbara Anne said...

We use our microwave multiple times a day so hope you can find a place for yours. Perhaps the beer 'fridge can be counter top height so the microwave can go atop that?

Wishing you well! Hugs!

Hound of Hecate said...

With how expensive energy is a microwave is cheaper to run than an air fryer and certainly than an oven.

Lynn Marie said...

Dunno if you are porridge eaters but the microwave is excellent for cooking the rolled oats we have here in the states. Enough water to cover a third of a cup of regular (not instant) rolled oats, set it for a minute, voila, perfect oatmeal, al dente, not too gloppy, just the way I like it. Of course you may only use steel cut oats and that would no doubt take another minute and a bit more water.
It's also useful for precooking potatoes and other root vegetables that you can finish as usual in the oven either as jacket potatoes or roasties.

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