Monday, 28 November 2022


 Will it/won't it?

Our furniture is due to arrive at the flat today so Steve has gone over to let it in.

Yesterday Steve was wittering on about how he needed to be at the flat by 6am in case the furniture arrived early. I told him Jennie wasn't picking him up until after the school run. Cue meltdown number 1.

He announced part way through the evening that the items were being delivered at 11am and 4pm, I did ask which was arriving when but this caused meltdown number 2 so I didn't get a straight answer. 

Sometimes Steve invents things to give him an excuse to go out when it's not actually necessary so I left him to get on with it.

He's messaged me to say nothing has arrived, cue meltdown number 3, I asked which item was due at 11am but got no response, or not one that made sense.

He's since messaged me to say the bed base will be another 10 days. It doesn't matter as we  can either sleep on the mattress or on the sofa, if either of them turn up!

If neither of them arrive I am still moving in and I will sleep on a reclining garden chair until things are sorted.

I know the sofa was definitely ordered as I placed the order myself.

As for the bed? Who knows, maybe Steve only thinks he ordered it!


Chris said...

You'd have to laugh or you'd cry. Hope everything gets sorted out eventually.

Diary of a Nobody said...

We are expecting a delivery today between 8 and 6 hubby said should he get up for 8 in case it arrived , I pointed out to him that we live in France the driver will not even leave the depot till he has had his coffee so there was no rush lol

Siebrie said...

Would it be possible that Steve has some kind of aphasya (sp?), where it is becoming impossible to find the correct words to answer questions?

flis said...

I think I know some of what you may be feeling -I have to make a conscious effort to let the craziness wash past and away x

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