Friday, 25 November 2022

And so it begins.

I've said all along that one of my reasons for leaving the boat was the isolation.

It got worse after Steve had his stroke, he started to avoid people, during lockdown we were in the marina and we had friends there. After lockdown we all went our separate ways and Steve was able to moor away from people which made it more difficult for me.

I know my deafness made it harder than normal but I've been losing my hearing for years now so I know what I can and cannot cope with.

Steve is not happy with the place we have chosen partly be cause it has a thriving social life but if he wishes to avoid people he still can.

We don't move in until 2nd or 3rd December as Steve is delaying it until the last possible moment but I can cope with that.

Yesterday I had a message from someone I used to work with, she helps run a social group not far from where I'm moving to and she invited Steve and I along.

I'm pretty sure Steve will refuse to go but I shall visit. It might not be my thing but I shall give it a go.

I sometimes find social events difficult because of my hearing, I'm better with small groups but I shan't know unless I try and I'm determined to try anything and everything available.


Meanqueen said...

Social events are difficult for me because I am deaf in the left side. My hearing aid magnifies everything, not good when I am trying to have a conversation. I tried the Coffee Morning, it was ok for the first hour when not many people were there. Then I had to leave because it became too busy and too noisy. Give it a try and see how you go on.

Catriona said...

Good news about the social club and I hope you can join as soon as possible. It’s great that your new home will be a social place where you can join in and Steve can do his own thing. Fingers crossed for a smooth move after your very long wait. Catriona

Col said...

You're going to have to let Steve make up his own mind about what he will and won't join in with. Just don't let him stop you having a life of your own again.
He may be perfectly happy living in his own internal world, but you don't have to live there with him!
Hopefully you'll see much more of your kids and grandkids once you've moved, and that may even make Steve happy, well, as happy as he gets these days!
One thing's for sure, you can't possibly be as isolated as you were on the canals, you'll be warmer, have more space around you, and, most importantly, be a hell of a lot safer.
Don't let Steve suck the joy out of your moving adventure. I know he's not doing it deliberately, but it's still hard for you to deal with!
Now come on, start getting excited about moving to your new flat, tell yourself that it WILL improve your quality of life. Whether or not it improves Steve's life is up to him! X

A Smaller Life said...

Hopefully it will all work out well, Steve can choose to stay in the flat and watch television while you can build yourself a nice little social life doing just as much as you want to with the new friends you will no doubt make. With just a week to go to your new life you must be getting a little bit excited, especially at this time of year.

Rambler said...

So glad to know you will soon be in your new home; I bet you're counting the days. Once you start your dog-walking you will meet so many people and have company on the regular walks.
I hope the change of venue will bring you to a new doctor's practice where you might get more help with your hearing and sight issues. Fingers crossed!!!

Lyssa Medana said...

So happy for you! Sending all good wishes and I'm sure that you'll be able to get a social life, no matter what himself does.

Hugs x

Debby said...

Good for you! I think it would make a world of difference for you.

Barbara Anne said...

Wishing you a peaceful move and I applaud your choice to make the best of your new life and surroundings, letting Steve stay home if he decides to. It's wonderful that your family will be nearer and that new friends will be close by.


Anonymous said...

Wishing you much happiness in your new home

Siobhan x

Anonymous said...

Great news - it has been such a long waiting time. Best wishes in the next venture!

Damselfly said...

May your move be smooth, peaceful, and without drama.
May your new social experiences be delightful and fulfilling!
Stay safe & well, and enjoy this new life chapter!

lindsey said...

Deafness is so difficult, isn’t it? I go to a lovely quilting group each week and find it hard to hear what members are saying. I’m sure that I smile quite inappropriately all the time! They put up with me which is lovely of them. I find I almost always need the subtitles on when watching tv. American programmes are the worst as they speak so fast. I hope that you get to meet some lovely new people when you move. How kind of your ex-colleague to get in touch. Best wishes from NI.

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