Thursday, 7 July 2022

Closing the curtains.

 I remembered to close the curtains last night so I didn't get woken up by Beano barking at the security patrols.  

Let's hope I can stay awake today as I slept twice yesterday during the day.

Beano is suffering in the heat, I may give him a shower today even though it's something he hates. The poor boy is so itchy that I feel it could do him some good, especially as I use a special shampoo on him.

Please don't worry, we're  looking at housing where dogs are allowed, we won't buy anything where he isn't welcome.

My daughter is having to help us, she is making phone calls and driving us around. We're very grateful as neither of us can drive now.


Rambler said...

Phew! So good to know that Beano will be with you when you move to your new home. Won't he just love the space he will have, the cool areas when it's hot and all those new walks to explore. Good to read that your daughter is helping you; it takes the pressure off a lot.
Still hoping for a quick sale and success in finding your new home. Good luck!
- Rosemary

A Smaller Life said...

I didn't doubt for a minute that Beano would be coming with you to your new home. After all he's family and I know how much you love him.

lindsey said...

It is such a stressful time when moving. I hope you find somewhere you like quickly and sell your boat quickly. It’s lovely that you have such a helpful family.

Marjorie said...

Fingers crossed the boat sells quickly and you find and buy your perfect flat for the three of you. I would never have thought you would give up Beano. Hugs.

Lyssa Medana said...

I hope you got some decent sleep. The hot weather really doesn't suit everyone. Sending gentle scritches to Beano.

JacquieB said...

Phew! Today's title was a bit worrying.
Hope all goes well for you all and Beano 'enjoys' his shower.


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