Wednesday 6 July 2022

Cleaning and scrubbing

Apologies, I attempted to delete an nasty comment yesterday and  managed to delete all the comments on my blog, I'll try not to do it again.

I've been busy cleaning and scrubbing today, the kitchen floor is a bugger to clean, in an effort to ensure it is non-slip the floor is tiled in non-slip tiles. Nice and safe but a bugger to clean.

We are viewing a property tomorrow, hopefully it will suit us, it has a beautiful garden and a meeting room.

We're bashing on with the cleaning again tomorrow and Friday,  it's exhausting especially as its so humid today.


Cheryl Seaman said...

This has been such an interesting chapter in your life that I am sorry to see it end. Lots of hard work involved though. Think your next chapter will be interesting too - mostly due to the way you see the world. Interesting people have more interesting lives and you are proof of that! Hope you find something you like soon and that the boat goes to someone who will appreciate it.

Lyssa Medana said...

Good luck with the cleaning. I hope that you find somewhere completely awesome. Sending all good vibes

Ellen D. said...

Hope you like the flat you are visiting tomorrow - sounds nice! Won't Beano enjoy a lovely garden to explore. All your cleaning will pay off and someone will love to buy your boat! Best of luck! But remember to get some rest too!

Col said...

Does the flat you're viewing have a private garden that's all yours, or is it communal? Just imagine all the new friends and admirers that Beano will have in a new home!
Even better, if you're within walking distance of shops, what a difference that will make to your life, and being safe and warm/cool, no matter what the weather throws at you.
I know you'll miss the ducks, herons, swans etc, but if you can swap that for more family visits, it'll be well worth it!
Take care, Col X

Rambler said...

Will Beano be welcome in that flat? I do hope so as it sounds like a nice place with a lovely garden. Is it on the ground floor - makes it much easier when you have a dog, and for carrying your shopping, etc. in. Hope you boat sale is quick and hassle-free so that you can soon be settled in your new home.
- Rosemary x

Angela said...

Housework, heat and humidity is an exhausting combination. Hope all viewings go well

Anna said...

Hi Hester, would like to send best wishes to you and Steve, hope you will soon have a new home and be settled before the weather gets colder.
Sorry about nasty comments.
Take care A

Sue said...

I guessed the comments all vanishing would be something like that, I did something similar once on my old blog and lost a years worth of comments in one fell swoop.

Good luck with the sale of the boat and the potential new flat. It's the start of a whole new adventure for you both. xx

JanF said...

I do hope all goes smoothly. It sounds as if you are making a good start. Life should be much easier for you but this part is bound to be stressful.


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