Saturday 16 July 2022

It aint half hot

It's far too hot to pack, but pack I must.

Steve has decided he doesn't want to move with mismatched boxes so he bought 50 huge matching packing boxes.

I don't care, I'll pack in anything.

I just want it done and dusted.


Sue said...

It's much, much too hot to be packing especially in the confines of a narrow boat, I really do feel for you. Is it possible to get Steve to pack up his own things .... or is that a REALLY bad idea!

Cherie said...

My son moved on Friday and the heat was bad enough then. I really don't envy you packing in this heat. Take plenty of refreshment breaks.

Rambler said...

50 HUGE boxes??? for the contents of a boat? And the trouble with huge boxes is that they can be too heavy to lift once filled. Where are you storing these boxes once filled? I really don't envy you - and hope you have some help.

JanF said...

What a huge relief it will be to have this over. Wishing you a cool breeze and lots of patience.

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