Thursday, 6 October 2022

Thank you

Thanks for all the comments.

I'm reluctant to put a tension pole up in case I mark the wall. It would also mean buying 2 sets of curtains that won't fit anywhere in our next place.

Property is at such a premium in this area that I cannot find anywhere that will allow a short term let, most places insist on a  1 to 2 year let. Also they would not allow me to keep Beano.

Col, if I demand to be allowed to put curtains up I'm pretty sure I'd be asked to leave as there are other people waiting to move in here.

Ellen I can't see the audiology dept providing cochlea implants, but I will ask at my next appointment.I

I hope I've answered all your comments, I apologise if I've missed any.


Susan said...

Tell the docs their denial of medical help (sight and hearing) is negatively impacting your independence and quality of life. This harm, inflicted by medical professionals, is not usually tolerated. Take your daughter (or a friend) with you and have her present when you state this to the doc. You need a witness. The day you make this statement, insist on an appointment with both the hearing and sight specialists. If I lived near you, I would offer to be the witness.

Anne Brew said...

I'm very sorry to read you're having so many serious problems, all of which sadly seem to affect each other.
It might help to list them - on a piece of paper if that helps!
Then decide on the most annoying one.
And decide to put everything else on the back burner if you possibly can.
To me its the infuriating lack of curtains because of all your worries it is the solvable one.
I understand why you can't get your landlord to buy curtains.
Could you sit in the bedroom in the evening? Could it be adapted?
I hope this doesn't come across as flippant; it really isn't meant to be.

Col said...

I understand why you don't want to aggravate your landlord by 'kicking off' about curtains, but they're definitely not acting in a fair and proper manner!
It really annoys me when people are making a considerable amount of money from their tenants, yet will not provide something as basic as window coverings.
Get that oven on, and the door propped open, they're being awkward with you, that gives you the right to be awkward right back! X

Jean said...

One other suggestion - can you try bubble wrap or the silver emergency blankets. If you mist the window panes with water the bubble wrap and emergency blankets should stick to the windows and help cut some of the cold out. Bubble wrap lets some light in too. Might be worth a try. If the window pane gets too dry they both will fall down, but I don't see it damaging anything.
I live in an apartment built in the 60s or 70s - and the windows don't seal well so I also use rope caulk to block drafts.

Witch Hazel said...

It is ridiculous that you have been denied help. Now that Steve has had his stroke and needs a carer, perhaps you can use that as a way to get help with either your eyes or ears (or ideally both). I know it's hard to stand up for yourself when you've got issues - definitely take someone, like your daughter, to advocate for you. If they don't get you sorted out, then you won't be able to care for Steve (and you'll likely need assistance yourself).
I'm so sorry to hear that you're going through all of this xxx

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