Sunday, 7 August 2022

A few weeks respite

I couldn't cope with the steep stairs in the first Airbnb so we have moved to a different one. This one is also a one bed but it's a renovated barn and it's huge, also We can have Beano with us, I was missing him badly.

It's costing us an arm and a leg but anything cheaper is too far away from Jennie and as she is doing out flat purchase for us we need to be near her.

We can stay here until mid December so I hope we can complete on our flat before then.


Col said...

Hopefully things will be sorted out well and truly sooner rather than later.
Jennie needs to keep on top of everything regarding the purchase of your flat. When my FiL moved, the solicitors were both women, who didn't seem to want to contact one another as often as we thought they should be. Both offices were in the same town, so it should have been easy, but it turned out that both of these women had dated the same man, and although he didn't leave either of them for the other, they hated one another, so getting them to communicate was a nightmare! I was on the phone to them every day during the last three weeks before completion, the situation was ridiculous!
Our son's a Solicitor, but he's nothing to do with conveyancing, so he couldn't help.
Having Beano back with you will help, at least you can get out walking him, it's what's needed for your mental health.
Keep us posted on how it all goes.
Take care,
Col X

Ellen D. said...

Glad you found a place that works better for you. Relax and rest up for now.

Sue in Suffolk said...

Good to know you have a suitable home until December. Surely the flat purchase should be done - I'll keep my fingers crossed for you

Catriona said...

So glad to read your update but sorry your temporary accommodation is costing so much. Fingers crossed that your flat will be ready sooner rather than later-I don’t know why house buying seems to take so long! Catriona

Anonymous said...

I hope your purchase is straight forward and you are soon in your new home

Chris said...

At least things are moving in the right direction for you both. Stay safe and well!

Rambler said...

Thank you for the update - I didn't realise that Beano wasn't with you; that must have been hard for you and him. I hope you will be able to walk him again now for both your sakes. Please keep posting. Very best wishes for a speedy settlement on your new home.
- Rosemary x

A Smaller Life said...

This AirBnB sounds so much better, and just being able to have Beano with you is a huge improvement.

I hope the flat purchase goes through okay for you. We have been trying to complete on a flat near to us since last October ... but I won't scare you with our horror story, it's hopefully a very rare one!

LameWolf said...

Just seen COL's comment; those lady solicitors were, imho, being very unprofessional. Surely they should leave their personal feelings at the door when they go to work, and get on with doing their very best for their clients! After all, they charge enough!

HESTER hang on in there, m'friend. This year's rushing by, it'll be December before you know it. I'm so glad Beano is back with you. A dog makes all the difference.

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