Wednesday 21 September 2022

It's chi!ly this evening.

We bought three blankets with us but we are using two of  them to protect the furniture from Beano. There is no carpet in the main room so Beano is allowed on the sofa.

The other blanket is on our bed on top of the duvet to add a layer of warmth, Beano sleeps on top of the duvet and underneath the blanket as it gets cold at night.

There is heating in the bathroom and bedroom, it comes on in the morning from 5:30 until 7:30 just couple of hours but it doesn't come on in the evenings.

The radiators in the main room don't seem to come on at all so we wrap up warm. There are no curtains in the main room, the owners haven't decided whether to fit any yet, so there are no curtains fixings. I could buy some extending poles but I'd then have to buy curtains that probably won't fit our next flat.

Steve is thinking of going into town tomorrow to buy new trousers and some slippers as he's finding the laminate floor chilly, I have a pair of bootie slippers so my feet are toasty warm.

I've given up trying to explain to Steve that he's wasting money on Nurofen, it goes in one ear and out the other, he is the same with toothpaste and lots of food. I get as much unbranded stuff as I can, I just don't let him know.

I finally got round to doing some cooking, some home made soup, broccoli and cheese, I only made a small panful as I'm the only one that will eat it. Since his stroke Steve will mainly eat shop bought, packet food and I don't like it so I'm making more effort for myself. I ordered ingredients in this weeks shop and nothing ready-made for me.


Ana Dunk said...

Perhaps Steve's Doctor could explain to him about generic drugs the next time he sees him. Maybe if it comes from someone with authority other than you, he might possibly listen.

Rambler said...

It must be very difficult - and frustrating - to be economical when Steve has such set ideas on what he will and will not eat, especially when you are able and willing to cook healthy, nutritious meals for him. Aaaaarrrggghhh!!! If only his doctor could persuade him otherwise.

flis said...

I have bad heads and paracetamol didn't help much - I changed to anadin extra but they were too expensive for me - I now take Aldi extra strength painkillers in a red box - They for me work x

Ellen D. said...

Have you asked the landlord about the heat? Sometimes there is something to be done to get the radiators working again...
Stay cozy and enjoy your yummy soup!

Col said...

You need to have strong words with the landlord!
You're paying rent on accommodation which has radiators, yet you have no heat at all in the evenings. That's really not acceptable, and it feels as though you're being 'mugged off'.
Point it out in polite but firm words that they have laminate floors, no window coverings, no heat in your living room at any time, and no heat anywhere after early morning. That may be fine in the summer months, but as the weather cools down, they need to sort themselves out and provide a better living environment for their renters.
I wish I was geographically closer to you, I'd relish the job of getting them to 'up their game'! X

ShellyC said...

Let's hope you get to move into your new flat soon, so you can get it all how you want it. You could get some cheap curtains from a charity shop for now

Ruta M. said...

Heating costs included when there's almost no heating sounds like your landlord is ripping you off. No curtains and no carpets either to hold any heat in either is beyond a joke. If your electricity is also included in the rent I would buy a small electric heater and use that to keep warm or even just turn on the cooker. Please don't let yourseves get cold while your landlord is earning rent from you.


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