Monday 2 October 2023

In the red.

My bank account went in the red last night, only by a few £££.

All our bank accounts are joint ones, this meant that we both received a notification about the account going in to the red.

There ensued a rant from Steve, what was I spending my money on!

When I checked he'd ordered a heated towel rail from my account without telling me!

A spend of £133 without warning was enough to tip the account into the red.

I would usually have enough to cover this but I'm still paying for my hearing aids at £250 a month,  only two more payments to go.  I've also increased my payment towards the bills for the flat by £150 a month. I'm now paying £375. I pay Beano's insurance from this account.

He's now transferred money from the savings to the account and it's back in the black.


ShellyC said...

Oh dear, I hope Steve apologised. Can you block his access to your account?

Sue said...

Oh gosh, at least you got the warning that the account was in the red. Naughty Steve, hopefully he was suitably ashamed after berating you for over spending!!

flis said...

We have a joint account and separate - He has always dealt with the bills - I have concerns as I'm not sure he is too good about it all now - He is getting more absent minded - I find it stressful trying to advise him as he gets irritated and turns into his mother x

lindsey said...

It is a shame that you are paying so much for your hearing aids. I have mine via the NHS. The service is very good and they didn’t turn a hair when my dog ate an aid (twice!). The hearing aids are up to date and they send supplies of new batteries at no charge. The company that supplies them does not charge the NHS so that is a win win. I’ve no idea how it is in the rest of the UK but here in Northern Ireland it is a very well organised service. I hope that you are able to find something local to you that is as good. It’s so difficult to have hearing loss and I send my good wishes to you.


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