Thursday 21 September 2023


Steve went shopping this morning, well actually he went into town to get breakfast in one of the pubs.

Within 10 minutes of arriving home he's shouting and swearing at me!

All because I won't agree to his demands with regards our TV licence or lack thereof.

Not long after we moved here Steve purchased a TV,  he ignored my concerns that I wouldn't be able to see a TV unless it was huge and purchased a smaller set.

After a few months of me not watching the TV he got rid of it, returned to whoever he bought it from.

We are now receiving notifications from TV Licencing with regards our lack of licence.

I've used their website to announce that we no longer have a TV but despite this they continue to contact us.

None of my children own a TV and they all received regular reminders about the need for a licence if they should decide to purchase a TV 

Steve meanwhile has been following someone on Facebook and is now an expert!

I'm quite prepared to explain if a member of staff from TV Licencing visits that we don't have a TV as I can no longer see or hear well enough to use one.

This, it appears,  is not the done thing.

Steve wants me to learn a script and spout off if anyone should call here with regards to our licence.

Give me strength!!


Sooze said...

I understand your exacerbation. It's hard to hold your tongue - I just walk away, as I'm sure you do too....well it's preferable to giving them a kick up the backside, however much we feel like doing it.

LameWolf said...

Hester, ignore anything else from the TV licencing people. You've told them already, but if my late husband's experience is anything to go by, they'll pester til the cows come home; he didn't have a tv for the first few years he was here (I moved in when he'd been here 12 years) and every year, without fail, he had a snarky letter or two from them. Of course he bought a licence when he did eventually get a tv.

It's just how they work. They assume that every household has a tv, and any that come up on their database without automatically gets contacted.

I suppose if you moved and the next people to have the flat had a tv but neglected to buy a licence, that would need checking out - I doubt TV Licencing gets informed automatically when people move house; so that's probably how they justify the pestering.

Anonymous said...

Haven't you got a frying pan handy and heavy enough - you could do a Pauline Fowler from Eastenders on him x

flis said...

When my husband gets a bee in his bonnet and I refuse to listen to his nonsense any longer I say - You are making me feel ill and I shall call for assistance again ( as I was told previousLy by The NHS helpline) and also say I am recording you - He calms down - Ridiculous behaviour! x

lindsey said...

My son does not have a television and occasionally a man turns up and asks if he can inspect the property. As they do not have a right of admission they are always refused admission! However, they never give up!

Anonymous said...

Pillow to face till bitching, whining
and complaining ceases.
You'll feel so much better.

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