Saturday 23 September 2023

Unexpected visitors

Steve's friend  Bob paid us an unexpected visit y'day. He and his current squeeze, Sandra arrived by motorbike, it took them 50 minutes to get here. It should have taken under 30 minutes. As usual Bob got lost, even with his new satnav. I'm convinced that Bob's poor navigational skills are the reason he enjoys racing his bike on a track. It means he can't get lost as he's only going round in circles! 

Despite having visited us quite a few times since we moved here Bob couldn't remember which flat was ours. He remembered we were on the ground floor so wandered around peering in windows until we spotted him.

Bob and his gf were as usual, talking about getting married. Bob always discusses marriage with whoever he is going out with. This usually signifies the beginning of the end. Bob is also starting to get irritated by Sandra's attitude to food. He likes the fact that she is slim to the point of being skinny but he is finding her dietary requirements a bit tiresome.

We've been out with them for a meal three times now, to local pubs. All the pubs have extensive menus but there is never anything on the menu that Sandra will eat. One time she ordered sticky toffee pudding as her main course the other times she's picked chips from the ploughmans that Bob ordered. Steve once suggested I should have some of his chips instead of ordering a meal when we were out with them. I ordered a salad with halloumi and slapped a £20 note on the table to pay for it. Bob and Sandra go out many times a week. I very rarely eat out and when I do I expect to eat what I want!

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