Saturday 2 March 2024

Money, money, money.

My pension was paid into my bank today, I immediately transferred £200 into my savings account. I need to start building up my savings as they were wiped out paying for Beano's treatment. The insurance company have paid up but not the full amount.

I shall carry on paying for Beano's insurance for a while but once my savings are topped up I will cancel it.

Depending on other expenses during this month, if there is anything left at the end of the month that too will be transferred to my savings account. I also draw cash out of the bank regularly and keep a stash hidden in the flat.

We don't have a mortgage to pay as we bought our flat outright, the other bills are for electric, council tax and food etc. There is no gas supply to the flats. I play £226 which is to the HA which covers things like the gardeners, outside lights etc.

Steve pays for the electric, council tax and the shopping, our food bill is high because Steve will eat only junk food and he drinks a lot. 

I'm spending more than I used to because I'm going out with Betty every week and we have lunch out and take it in turns to pay. I buy food for the lunches we have in the summer house on Tuesdays. I also buy stuff for Beano at the nearby pet shop.


flis said...

Seems to me that you are in a good position financially - and very positive that if for whatever happens in the future you have a nice nest egg -and keep saving and enjoying your treats as they are a necessity x

Anonymous said...

Hello, may l ask if Steve is likely to read
what you write on here?
I remember the other week when you had absolutely had had enough of his nonsense (and rightly so!).He decided to ask you out for a Valentines Day meal.Did you actually go?
I just thought,that if he does read this blog maybe he is doing his best to sabotage your savings by his Amazon purchases etc.?
I think you have the patience of a Saint to put up with him and really think things must change, if you are able to have any peace and a better quality of life. There, phew l have said it! Never commented before but just felt l would like to say something. Sandra S.x

flis said...

Hester - if he is anything like mine he does have good moments - A dementia helpline and a nurse both told me some can hide it from others for a few hours at a time but not to their closest x

Meanqueen said...

Sounds very organised. I like the way you don't wrap your posts in cotton wool, you just say it how it is. A girl's gotta have some treats now and again.

Sue said...

It sounds as though you have your financial head screwed on really well, if only Steve were as good as you, you would both be in a really good position for a retired couple. Keep building up those savings, and definitely try and sort our Steve's access to your Amazon account.

Anonymous said...

Make sure Steve can not take your money or overdraw your account anymore.
You have to look out for yourself honey.
I'm so sorry things are difficult for you.

50 and counting said...

Why do you have to pay for the lunch group food? Wouldn't it be more reasonable for the group to contribute each month to a grocery fund?

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