Friday 1 March 2024

Wet and windy here today.

So I'm having problems trying to persuade Beano to go out.

We have a Tesco delivery today, I wonder whether Steve will complain that I'm interfering if I try to put some of the stuff away. Or will he complain that I don't help if I sit on the sofa and ignore the delivery.

That he will complain is a given!

Sometimes I feel like setting up a recorder just so I could playback the hours of complaining and whinging he does on a daily basis.

Actually I managed to upset Steve before the shopping arrived.

Beano's vet bill came to around £800 which wiped out my savings. Then Steve decided to update his wardrobe and purchased items from Amazon. All purchases from Amazon come out of my bank account and I went in the red. Cue much wailing and gnashing of teeth from Steve.

I told him he'd need to transfer money from the savings to my account, this he has now done but the fuss he made was ridiculous. I was overdrawn by £23! My pension goes in this weekend and then I'll be in the black again!


Col said...

Do you have your own access to the savings account?
If so, transfer the amount that you need to yourself, rather than go overdrawn, and inform Steve after the event!
My bank will charge for any unauthorised overdrafts, and fortunately I've never gone into the red, but I wouldn't pay charges because my husband spent MY money! X

Sue said...

If I were you I would unlink the Amazon account from your account immediately. If he says he's having problems with it, just say you don't know what is wrong. It's such a shame that your savings have been wiped out in one fell swoop, older dogs are a worry and an expense aren't they. Our two are both 13 now and the Pug refuses point blank to go out for a walk on a wet day, which suits me just fine.

Catriona said...

I aso hope Steve us going to pay for any overdraft charges! Catriona

Lynda said...

Change your Amazon password immediately…he can make his own account!

flis said...

Brother in law told me to record my beloved - so now when he has one of his episodes and it's likely to continue a while I distract him by showing him my phone -"just so you can hear yourself later" and or " shall I get you some assistance " -Usually he says "no I'll be alright in a minute" or "I'll calm down now" x

Ellen D. said...

I agree with the others. Have access to the savings account and don't link the Amazon account to your bank account.

Anonymous said...

Stop his access to your Amazon account today.
Have your daughter set up a go fund me account
to get you out of the awful living situation you are in.
I would donate money to help you .
I hate that you are verbally and emotionally abused daily.
Make sure your money goes into an account he has no access to. Talk to your bank tell them he is mentally incompetent.

Corinne said...

Could you ask your bank not to let you go into the red, even if it means refusing payment?
Change the Amazon details to his account, if he's the one using it!

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