Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Fecking office politics

I fecking hate office politics.
I especially fecking hate it when other people playing silly buggers means extra work for me.

The last 2 nights I've got home around 5:30 & fallen asleep on the sofa until my L&M has phoned to say he's ready to be collected.

I've hurt my toe, it's painful & swollen, Monday it was agony, today it is merely uncomfortable, I wore slippers to work as I couldn't get my shoes on.

I'm eating loads of jacket potatoes, salmon &avocado's & I'm still knackered.

I've made some meals for DD2, her hubby is out of the house from 6 until midnight with work, the baby is colicky DD is awaiting surgery & in pain until the surgery happens. I took her a chicken casserole, cottage pie & sweet & sour chicken. It will save her cooking for 3 days, by which time her hubby may be backto normal working hours. If not I'll make some more meals for her.


markdebby said...

Such a good mother xx

TrishWish said...

You make me smile - you are me a year or so ago in the office!

Everyday life at Number 38 said...

Agree totally with markdebby. You are a great mum x

mojoworking said...

I love your blog your a lovely person and I imagine you to just be unstoppable even when you're shattered x


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