Thursday 2 February 2023

I'm living with a stroppy teen!

Steve has just asked me how long I'd cook a gammon steak in the oven.

My reply, that I would fry or grill it, didn't go down well.

I'm sorry but that is how I cook gammon, unfortunately my reply was not acceptable.

Steve is now throwing things around on the kitchen, annoyed at how difficult and stupid I am.

Steve is going out on Friday with a friend, he is worried about how I'll cope with the Tesco delivery! I'm really looking forward to a day without being moaned at.

When I announced that I could no longer cope living on the boat I gave Steve the option of staying on the boat and I'd take half the savings and move  into rented accommodation.

Steve didn't want to do this, he wanted to move with me and so chose to sell the boat and buy a retirement flat. I know he wouldn't manage on the boat but that wouldn't have been my problem. I'd spent the previous year suggesting we move to a marina with better  access to transport but the only marina Steve was happy to move to had no room and a long waiting list. 


flis said...

He sounds very similar to this one here - he is getting more stressed with tiny details -eg he said last week "I've bought you some bananas" which was nice - this week he wanted to know where the bananas were-I replied they were all gone!- He then wanted to know where!!- I explained he'd eaten 4 and me 3 - he didn't believe it and he was very over the top about it all x

Ellen D. said...

I have no solutions for you. I am divorced so I do not have to deal with a spouse.

Chris said...

"Keep calm and carry on" as the saying goes. Let the water all flow under the bridge and any bad times with it. Hope this advice helps!

Sue said...

Well my hubby lives next door to me and usually if he asks for advice on how to cook things he does do what I suggest. The only thing I worry about with him is all the opened and half used up jars of food in his fridge. If he gets food poisoning it is nothing to do with me as I have pointed it out on numerous occasions.

And yes, I have checked and the life insurance is up to date. ;-)

Onevikinggirl said...

I hope you do talk to family, friends and neighbors about how completely unbearably bad you are being treated so they are ready to help when you are ready to stop accepting it. Until then

Lyssa Medana said...

Sending hugs and how on earth can you do gammon in an oven?

PatsyAnne said...

hope everything is alright with you three since you haven't posted in over 10 days. I may not reply often but I do enjoy reading your blog and worry with and about you and your situation. I'm sending a hug and prayer.

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