Sunday, 3 November 2013

A tale of lighting 1

My L&M wanted a light/heater for the greenhouse to lengthen the growing season, during the Christmas holiday he always wants to start planting things but it's still too cold. On my advice, he shopped around (before he met me he'd have bought the most expensive!). He chose the unit he wanted only to discover that the cheapest local supplier was out of stock, but he decided to wait til they had new stock in. He mentioned a few times how surprised he was that there were 7 suppliers of such units in a relatively small area, I looked over his shoulder and remarked that the reason was probably the amount a cannabis growers in the area. My L&M pooh poohed this suggestion.
Eventually we received a phone call to say the unit we ordered had arrived, we went to collect it, there were signs up in the suppliers 'Do not ask for cannabis seeds we do not stock them' There were also lots of cameras and when we offered to pay by debit card the sales staff looked amazed. The unit is so big it barely fitted in the car!
When we first got it home my L&M decided to fit the unit in the shed/greenhouse, he hung it from the rafters, once darkness fell the unit illuminated the entire area, I was convinced the planes would divert from Heathrow and try to land in our garden, on the up side I could tell when my L&M walked from one side of the shed to the other as he walked into the unit, it swayed and I could see the beams of light moving across the garden.
By the following morning my L&M had numerous bruises and bumps on his head and decided that the unit would be better sited in the spare bed room, we already have a greenhouse and two heated propagator in there so I wasn't that surprised by his suggestion. I now await a visit from either the local police, or the local dealers who may think we are going in to competition with them!. Who ever visits I'm sure they will be surprised to find a room full of carrots, peppers and tomatoes!


jill said...

This gave me a much needed laugh today...thank you!
So glad you are back and were greatly missed.
Jill in nyc

lee said...

I've got a bad back and am sat in front of the computer and I am reading your blog posts from the begining-no I am not bored , just got more time to read today. I couldn't stop chuckling at this post.
My cousin lives in an area of back to back teraced houses and some of these have bedrooms with blackout blinds that never move winter or summer, day or night. lol

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