Friday, 30 January 2015

Road Rage

Yesterday we had a very brief flurry of sleet/snow, it arrived just as I left work, it took me 30 minutes to travel a mile. 
When I got to a junction I couldn't turn in as there was already queue of traffic trying to negotiate the steep hill.
A queue of traffic soon built up behind me and after a few minutes someone started to honk their horn, after a few more minutes someone came over to yell at me.
It seems my attempt to reach home was making her late for an appointment, she repeatedly requested that I 'move my fucking car'.
By now the traffic was at a standstill on the opposite side of the road blocking the entrance to the turning I needed.
Then a bus up ahead skidded and blocked the road ahead of me, all this time the same person continued to scream invectives at me.
Eventually, when there was a pause in the tirade so I asked her exactly where she expected me to go as the road was now blocked in all directions.
I explained that I was trying to reach my home, it seem I had chosen a 'fucking stupid' place to live.
If I had realised ten years ago that I was going to cause her all these problem, I would, of course, chosen to live elsewhere!


Shrimpton and Perfect said...

What a nasty piece of work she was. Totally unnecessary behaviour and i bet it upset you for quite a while.Some people!


Anonymous said...

there are,unfortunately, some people who hold only their own interests, wishes and lives as important...they are absolute and utter prats...we can only hope they learn the error of their ways...maybe painfully!! :)

rabbitquilter said...

You should have said 'tell you what, you move my ******* car and while you wait I'll scream and shout at you'!!! Pity she didn't fall a-over-t on her way back to her car!!! X

Pam said...

As you well know the world is full of brainless idiots with a limited vocabulary. It is such a shame that they continue to breathe.

Linda Metcalf said...

So many little time :)

Linda Metcalf said...

So many little time :)

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